Saturday , June 25 2022

See how Laurita Fernández do to use a mobile phone during ShowMatch without being detected by Marcelo Tinelli


One of the things that Tinelli Clear first programs & # 39; ShowMatch This year it was not going to allow anyone to use the cell phone in the study. That is why, every time it detects someone pasted on the phone, he will proceed to "seize" it.

From the driver's directive, there are several figures & # 39;Dancing to create strategies to be connected without being detected by Marcelo. One is Laurita Fernández, We fish with flagrant while using a mobile phone.

S & # 39; it is your technique? The contest jury leave the phone on the desk and listen to & # 39; Audio (From Nico Cabré?) It gives play and then closed until one of his ears is almost inkollata with the device.


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