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seven & # 39; tips from Rockstar to impress beta


Rockstar opened his own box & # 39; Pandora. Or, more like, he discovered it. The Red Dead Online beta, multiplayer experience & # 39; Red Dead Redemption 2, is now available to anyone with a copy of the game. This is a great, but S & # 39; it is now?

Starting this assumes that we share with & # 39; other players the unlimited possibilities of a huge open world, including contacts of our friends, but also participate in & # 39; misdeeds- activities, and created for the occasion. Something as big as tentative, especially if we see the mime to it that the West was rikreat.

Now, Rockstar has already started taking notes on participants' response and time to study the release of the final version – in response to comments of the players themselves – drew up a list of & # 39; very short advice at the time of approaching the experience.

In VidaExtra not only offer full advice, but also, on the basis of our experience, we add notes you can & # 39; is interested in taking account. It's what you want to learn based on trial and error, stranger.

On the creation of & # 39; characters


Using the extensive character creator tools to give details about the appearance and characteristics of the surface of your character. To better adjust some features, press the X or A button to enter the Custom section and use the sliders. You & # 39; also pressing the R3 button or the right button to see quickly the face without facial hair or press the buttons L1 / LB and R1 / RB to see quickly the profile character your.

Although you can & # 39; forever change the hair, the facial hair, make-up and teeth at the local barber, and change clothes in the closet or stores, such as permanent features nose, mouth and freckles do not change when you are ready to create the character. If you want to start another character at any point, you & # 39; delete the current and create a new one. To do this, go to the menu of the player section & # 39; stop and hold the square button or the X button pressed. Keep in & # 39; mind that the current character will be deleted, and the progress you have it.

Download 20

Note: The facial hair is fantastic, but if you will devote a large number of & # 39; hours maybe you are interested to start the story without seeing the opening kinematic image by having your character. If m & # 39; you are fully satisfied, it is the best time to delete and re & # 39; back to the editor.

On the menu of the player


Press the left button or left on the crosshead to bring the player menu, where you will find many practical tools and functions, such as seeing what other players are in session and also friends, led the camp or horses, joined the chat voice options (select all to speak with all your players close or restrict chat to your gang, friends or crew) and many more things.


Note: Starting, m & # 39; have access to all menu functions. In fact, before you launch online a couple & # 39; to work as tutorial missions. Do not worry, little messages and can & # 39; forming your team.

On a fast trip


Go stations & # 39; Quick Trip to move quickly where are your friends or your crew. You & # 39; & # 39 also go in; various locations on the map or get & # 39; back to camp for a fixed amount.

NoteAlthough walking freely on a horse is wonderful, Red Dead Online also offers competitive aspects and level ups. You will have time to connect with your horse when it faster than your shadow with a revolver.

On the floor of & # 39; opportunities


Visit Horley in Blackwater to start The Land & # 39; opportunities, series & # 39; cooperative missions based story where your honor will increase or decrease according to the decisions to make. You will encounter & # 39; to & # 39; Other characters Red Dead Online, fight together with & # 39; other practices abroad and earns & # 39; a lot of money along the way.

If all your decisions in the game were honorable and want to see how the story changed to the contrary, you & # 39; re & # 39; play and take all decisions granting negative honor (and vice versa) while receiving more benefits and experience.


Note: Money is not everything in them Red Dead Redemption 2, There are also adventure! Do not be afraid to commit atrocities in Red Dead OnlineAlthough negatively win in honor, are one of the key aspects of Rockstar experience.

On the treasury maps


When you arrive at 10, will receive a treasure map indications that you should follow to get the gold and money. After that, you will get more of treasure maps every five levels. Additionally, you & # 39; find more after destroying the corpse & # 39; rivals by keeping hidden or stay & # 39; push.


NoteIf you try on any physical edition or official guidance, is the perfect time to take advantage of the accompanying map. You & # 39; also mark the place on the boss of the game, of course. Want a little extra help? We recommend that you go through rdr2map.

About catalog


Hold the left button or left on the crosshead to take the catalog and buy supplies, tonic, arms and ammunition among many other things while going from one place to another. If you prefer, you & # 39; buy via catalog website Social Club when you're not playing.

Once you buy the items, many of them found in the safe field or in the post office. The new weapons will be stored on your horse and clothing will be added to the closet. Horses or mounts go to the barn.

NoteIf running an honest living, can not use the catalog so. Solution: go out and have fun!

About skills cards


Use different categories & # 39; skill cards (Combat, Defense and Recovery) to help you stay & # 39; live on the border.

The cards have three skill levels & # 39; & # 39 better improvement, many advantages and can & # 39; adjust at any time to fit any situation: use the cards Fight against & # 39; attack missions, where the arms are & # 39; vital, or a change to Defense cards when escorting car.

Note: If you are going to play online with & # 39; other cows, you're just interested in distributing roles and playing cards. There is little for anyone to make flourishing with revolver if then complicate rather than want to do mission & # 39; escort.

Want to see everything in motion? I lost our first misdeeds Red Dead Online.

All that said, go riding on riding on the neighbors, benefited and enjoy online & # 39; indisputable game of the year candidate.

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