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Shouts, insults and Chicanas at the beginning of the debate between Milei, Bregman, Santoro and Vidal


Javier Milei, María Eugenia Vidal, Leandro Santoro and Myriam Bregman
Javier Milei, María Eugenia Vidal, Leandro Santoro and Myriam Bregman

María Eugenia Vidal, Leandro Santoro, Javier Milei and Myriam Bregman were the protagonists in the first debate for the legislative elections in November at TN 22:00. Candidates for deputy for the city of Buenos Aires began with a free one-minute introduction.

The leader of the Left Front was the first to speak and remarked that the campaign was “empty of proposals.” “They know we will always defend working women and people”, he said.

Santoro, from the Frente de Todos, introduced himself as a political scientist and father of two girls. “I believe in an inclusive and developed Argentina, I do not believe in absolute truths or in those who know them all,” in short.

“I want to propose to everyone who accompanies the request to Alberto Fernández to ask Aníbal Fernández to resign”, was María Eugenia Vidal’s first proposal.

For its part, mercy He defined himself as a libertarian and said he was “very bright” because he was outraged by the “political caste.” “I am dangerous to the political caste because the rule is over with me”he entered.

Arrival of candidates

The first to hit the red carpet was Myriam Bregman. The Left Front candidate wore a green jacket that referred to her support for the legalization of abortion and a mask with the caption “Where is Tehuel?” For the 21-year-old boy who disappeared in San Vicente seven months ago.

Myriam Bregman, from the Left Front
Myriam Bregman, from the Left Front

“We always like to debate, we think it’s a good example”He said and explained that he was prepared by “reading everything.”

A few minutes later he arrived Javier Milei, a candidate for La Libertad Avanza, who was surprised he did well at home. As he explained, he made that decision to avoid allergic reactions caused by some products.

He also clarified that his money was cut a little because when his hair falls on his eyes he cannot read. “If I don’t read I won’t produce, and if I don’t produce I won’t pay and no one will pay my bills”, he joked.

Javier Milei, from La Libertad Avanza
Javier Milei, from La Libertad Avanza

Milei explained that he worked with many fellow economists who helped him prepare some of the arguments he would use during the evening.

Then it was the turn of the Frente de Todos candidate, Leandro santoro. Legislator close to Alberto Fernández assured that he studied hard to prepare the best synthesis.

Leandro Santoro, from the Everyone's Front
Leandro Santoro, from the Everyone’s Front

“The idea is that this debate will give people elements so that they can make a decision in a more thoughtful way. Hopefully we can discuss ideas and not fall into personal disqualifications“, he said.

He also revealed that in the pre-debate he did not speak to the President or Cristina Kirchner. He stated that his main concern is “to cope with the trust his colleagues have placed in him.”

For its part, Maria Eugenia Vidal He said he prepared himself “by hearing what happens to the people” and then builds on the proposals he intends to take to Congress.

“Hopefully we can have a debate as people expect, we will try to reach some agreements together.”, in short.

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