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ShowMatch 2018: Mica Viciconte immopopolizza the program and went back to fight Laurita Fernández


The participant and Laurita Fernández made a new confrontation Credit: Laflia Press

Having been saved by a jury & # 39; 'the

Dancing for a dream

"In duew of & # 39; Cumbia, he returned & # 39; back on the road

Micaela Viciconte

. The model said he was in & # 39; & # 39 with a gala, Nicole Neumann, but disagreed words. He also announced that this summer debut season as a star in the company & # 39; Carmen Barbieri. Then, yes, along with & # 39; Saracen Nacho danced to rhythm & # 39; "I & # 39; ll steal you" by Prince Royce.

After viewing,

Ángel de Brito

(6) said: "Inħobbkom as a participant, beyond the media, what I like is that you evolve, the year ġejjajt briefcase, m & # 39; you are a dancer by profession, but not cold to tifħirlek. What you missed was more sensuality, more of you chemistry.

The owner of the secret ballot in & # 39; this round & # 39; bachata,

Laurita Fernández

, Later said: "Loved the choreography and also look, I have seen a great evolution in hand, but from the hips down, it does not have movement, generally looked very good and I saw a major breakthrough".

"I put that on and look as follows: b & # 39; most sexual attitude, leaving you more and let the sensuality shown in dance," he said.

Florence Peña

(6) Finally,

Marcelo Polino

(3) recommended to Viciconte: "You have the top and get followers, take it, play more at & # 39; this month to fallejt, because in dance you are disadvantaged.

Although none of the juries did high-ranking, the average was angry – it & # 39; Laurita Fernandez, whose vote has not yet been revealed. So, again another & # 39;, two blondes crossed a new fight in the air and ended up accused each other lacked self-criticism. B & # 39; surprising way,

Lourdes Sánchez

came out in defense of & # 39; Fernandez.

Then, Tinelli wanted to know the opinion of the coach heads to know if it considered that the dancers were self-criticism. "B & # 39; In general, this year, participants can not rely on the jury disregarded criticism and many", said Lolo and opened a new outbreak & # 39; Viciconte.

As the manager of the couple asked for the evaluation of BAR, the last word was Sanchez, who this time was closer to the position of the contestant: "Mika, it is true that m & # 39; have sensuality , but the players you that evolved the most, technically it was very good ", therefore announced that, b & # 39; split decision, the BAR decided to add point. Then, the couple reached a rating of & # 39; 16.

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