Monday , June 5 2023

Smoking, the first cause of lung disease


Guadalajara, Jalisco (Notimex) .- The head of the Department of & # 39; Emergency & # 39; the Hospital & # 39; of & # 39 specialties; IMSS in the & # 39; Jalisco, Iván Ramón Pérez de Dios, assures smoking is considered the first case of Chronic Pulmonary Disease Obstruttiv (COPD).

The specialist of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) indicate that smoking is a habit that promotes the development of & # 39; life-threatening diseases, among them is the lung disease Mandatory chronic, better known as COPD.

He explained that tobacco smoke harms lung tissue, specifically the alveoli, where carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen, it & # 39; the latter is essential for the human body to perform all its functions.

"The oxygen is part of the body fuels, also helps to produce energy for metabolic and physical processes, so those who suffer from COPD have a time lower performance in life & # 39; day and his health deteriorate slowly and b & # 39; irreversible way, "he added.

The expert said that ten people b & # 39; COPD, nine & # 39; have a smoking habit, so the cigarette is closely related to that pathology.

He noted that it is disturbing to know that more and more children under 13 years smoking or never affumikaw, and he called on parents to avoid bad habit in their children.

"We should be an example to them and explained that cigarettes contain many toxic substances that can cause damage in the short or medium term, as a stain on tooth enamel, mouth cancer, throat, chest, etc.

Cigar contains about four thousand chemicals, which 200 of them are poisonous and 40 of them are carcinogenic, said the specialist.

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