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snow, Santa Claus and where you & # 39; find aircraft in the season 7


The seventh season & # 39; Fortnite is already official, and is loaded with news to celebrate the holiday season, including a new device & # 39; transport rather unexpected for fans: airplanes. These are the most important updates & # 39; update.

In type games Battle Royale, the map usually quite large, and at the beginning of the game, when the "storm" has not reduced b & # 39; drastic small safe area of ​​the map, walked on the foot can & # 39; be true ordeal. Yes, Fortnite had already incorporated some vehicles, such as off-road bikes or that karrettiv redikoluż (but humorous) of & # 39; supermarkets. But now it is the turn of the aircraft.


The new vehicle received at & # 39; Hynnite in the 7th season is X 4 Stormwind, a plan that allows you to display the map and even shoot (although the weapon can & # 39; oversimplification to use it too), and has five seats, Up to four & # 39; friends you

On five of the week

In addition, the map also changed a bit in & # 39; this new season, adding more cities to explore during the winter holidays.


Of course, and with the arrival of winter and the holiday season in & # 39; many regions of the world, the island & # 39; Fortnite is now largely covered by snow, including cities and its new regions. In addition, the game included new skins to give a more festive look to the character, weapons and your vehicles, including hats & # 39; Santa and more.

Finally, in the 7th season & # 39; Fortnite there are also new Creative mode, already knew, that allows you to build and modify the map as you want on your small private island, in the best style & # 39 ; Minecraft and use them to explore or fight with your friends. You & # 39; find all the detailed changes on the official website. The new season & # 39; Fortnite is now available.

Where to find the plan

The plans usually appear around the hangars, easily identifiable by their red color. For now we lokajna points where aircraft can & # 39; seen in Fortnite, and almost always there is an average of & # 39; three f & # 39; each of these sites.

new construction

Fortnite announced a new way that will make pleasure to those who love games & # 39; Minecraft and sandbox. Its name is "Creative" and focuses on the construction, which allows you to create the map you want and how you want to explore or fight with & # 39; friends and strangers.

The new mode is an improved version of its Playground, which offers a small private island players to build everything you want. Once you have finished your creation can & # 39; use it for anything, including to explore, compete in races or, of course, fights in camp & # 39; custom battle.


"Everything is saved to build, do not miss when you leave the game", Epic Games announced, by remembering the Creative Mode is not yet in its final version, but will continue to improve over time.

Fortnite Creative arrives tomorrow for those who bought the pace of battle, and 13 & # 39; December for everyone.

In addition to the launch of the new season, during the gala of & # 39; The Game Awards, which will be held on Thursday (the early hours of & # 39; December 7 in Spain), Games Epic will announce a big surprise .

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