Thursday , September 16 2021

“So little education” SHOW El Intransigente

Very strong. This was what was experienced in the running program Marcelo tinelli through the screen of Channel Thirteen. And it is that there, alive and direct, the most tense moment of all was living after the resignation of Mariana Genesio Peña, the actress who has the stars “Small Wins”, the second part of the strip that was fashionable in 2019 on the screen of Telefe.

And is that what no one expected, was that his coach comes out to shoot in the open. “First I want to thank my colleagues, Rodrigo Vallejos …”, the artist began to assure in front of the cameras. “I’m sorry, Marcelo, I think instead of thanking you you should apologize. And more than an apology to us, to your parents for educating so little.”, remarked the trainer.

It was then Marcelo tinelli came out to the crossroads. “Well, well, wait a minute,” assured the driver. “It was what I was going to do next, I apologize because I mismanaged the information I had this possibility,” Mariana Genesio Peña said at a time like this. “Not only that, you made us do the rehearsals until the last minute as well,” Rodrigo Vallejos added again.

“He’s fine, but he’s also apologizing,” Guillermina Valdés ’husband said. “Yes, the truth is that this situation made me feel very bad,” the actress said more directly than ever. This had already become known a day earlier, when the discomfort of the dancers was known. “Mariana Genesio Peña will have to go for a few months,” they said before the appearance of perplexity from their partner.

“Mariana leaves for 45 days and we still don’t know if she’s going to change,” Marcelo Tinelli had said in front of the couple who showed they have a lot of chemistry on the Canal Trece cycle track. However, in the middle of the duel that took place, they finally determined that they will be eliminated from this gala, in the middle of a real scandal.

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