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Sol Pérez denounced that there is "crowded" in the clothing room & # 39; "Bailando 2018" – 11/24/2018


in "dance 2018"From"ShowMatch"(El TRECE) followed the round & # 39; bachata, the first couple will come out on the track was the same Diego Ramos and Lourdes Sánchez. Then, they made their choreography Sol Pérez and Damián García, who earned 21 points from the jury which Carolina Pampita Ardohain changed Florence Peña. In dialogue with & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli, Sol Pérez denounced "crowded"In the dressing rooms.

Sol Pérez He faced Lourdes Sánchez who remarked that when she said suffered harassment cycle "Fight", said Lourdes "Los Angeles morning"(El TRECE) 'Sol gets along with & # 39; all".

On the other hand, Sol Pérez She said that in & # 39; this time in her life is not & # 39; longer believe in men and is thus not go Matías, native young of & # 39; Ituzaingo trying to get it and always go to seeing in the study & # 39;ShowMatch"

"It's hard for me to open as many suffered a chat room," he said. Sol Pérez b & # 39; reference to one of his latest romantic disappointments.

However, after the choreography, upon request & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli, Sol Pérez He accepted a passionate Kassjon from Matías, who Tinelli described as "nurse & # 39; love".

On the other hand, Sol Pérez she complained that she and others are "filled in the dressing rooms"While Lourdes Sánchez It is comfortable in your. Moreover, it is a damn about the order in which they should go to enjoy it and change reserved. Lourdes.

The third couple to go on the track seemed Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber.

The jury gave 17 points. "Sometimes I do not understand what they want, but we will look at the videos, will have a critical yourself and try to do better", said Cinthia prior to that classification. After, he wanted to ask the BAR intervention, at the request of & # 39; La Chip, but Marcelo Tinelli He explained that the time had passed and unfit for participants who request it, the jury, the coach or head coach can do it.

The last couple of night seemed Natalie Weber and Ivan Anriquez. F & # 39; that & # 39; before, Marcelo Tinelli he asked Natalie – that her husband is Mauro Zárate – as the Boca River match played this evening afternoon. "I am nervous, it is something that will occur historical, Mauro is also very nervous", is accepted. In addition, Natalie promised that if he wins Boca, on Monday her husband goes to the study "ShowMatch"

In choreography, Natalie Weber and Iván Anríquez qualified by & # 39; 19 points from the jury. At the request of & # 39; Angel De Brito BAR intervened, chose to raise a point.

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