Wednesday , December 8 2021

Sol Pérez liquidated networks! "The norms had to go"


The night the night there was a tense night in 2018. There was dancing emotions, tears, tears, elimination and controversy. It was the night that the players wanted to avoid. However, it left a famous and he was aiming for the title: Natalie Weber. The model could not defeat the instance of the phone and was overtaken by Sol Pérez

It seems that the elimination of & # 39; Natalie prevented by citizens. They showed their discomfort and devastated the weather girl. "Unfair Removal & # 39; Natalie!", "Most rendered the kilombera of & # 39; Sun", "Total Fraud! Natalie won but because it is disgusting kwilomera like other! Asco", The bardo garpa for the program " and "ordinary had to go", were lapidarji messages from users.

However, the weather girl got 51.38% of votes and was among the eight best players in the dance competition. Now the goal is another. With wife & # 39; Mauro Zárate out, on Tuesday on Tuesday began the pace of tribute and the first couple went to the dance floor, the smaller the contest, made dance to remember whose family cinema where she rrikreparat films like Toy Story, Los Amazing and Coco. But the cessation of the jury and sentenced Julián Serrano and Sofi Morandi low score: 9 points.

It seems that the last two of the 2018 season will be very hot rhythms and juries will be finer than ever. The eleven momentum will continue the following Thursday with the presentation of the contestants who have yet to make their debut in the tribute, and those that stand out are Jimena Barón, Lourdes Sánchez, Cinthia Fernández and María del Cerro. These are some of the famous ones indicating the title of & # 39; Dancing.

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