Sunday , June 26 2022

Sol Pérez said of his intimacy dates & # 39; South River and Boca players and treat the players rats


No one was saved! Sol Pérez spoke with & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli, before the end of the Libertadores, on the appointments had The River and Boca players and treated all players & # 39; "caught" and rats.

"The football players are caught them off, Magallan caught?"Marcelo wanted to know when Sol admitted he did not want know something about the defender & # 39; Boca, whose current partner was on the ground, that all players are "a rat" and once went with & # 39; soccer player that his only aspiration was to millionaire

The panelist was denied Exequiel Palacios, but remember that it "There was a player & # 39; River which was very famous that when he gives a gift, brought me the clothes & # 39; exchange to him."

"Football Trousers?"Tinelli asked surprised.

Sol nodded and said they were "Those things, for example, first lady of the brand sponsorizzahom … The football players are caught, they are rats, invited many".

"B & # 39; so, he gave me vouchers, but never took the dinner … For example, a voucher to go to dinner, never have & # 39; and when they arrived, the voucher was due and I finished paying ", Sol closed.

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