Sunday , June 26 2022

Soledad Fandiño recalled a bad experience with & # 39; ex: "Say it to other girls know that this is not love"


Only the dancer is a couple with & # 39; Nicolás Cabré, Who had a boyfriend for three years with & # 39; Fandiño. Although he did not say if you talk about the protagonist of & # 39; My brother is a clone, The actress refused and explained: "I think this is a serious matter, yes, it happened to him, happened to be with & # 39; a person like that, it was a long time ago, I'm nervous when they talk about these things. The moment believe that this is love, to take care, showing confidence & # 39; others … and the truth is, of course, he was wrong ".

Then explained that now he does not approve the attitude & # 39; couple and added: "It is not good, and if I say today is why it is good that other girls may be smaller or not, but something like this is happening to them, anyone know not to tell you can not take camarades in the car, the men in the car, just because they are men … not love. "

(Video: The morning angels, Thirteenth)

"That's something else, is x & # 39; intersects with control, insecurity, learn, fortunately, I learned a lot from that relationship, from things that never repeat and not rrejtiex, fortunately, I set myself with & # 39; people who are not like that ", concluded that it was also a couple & # 39; Pablo Granados and & # 39; René Pérez, Former leader & # 39; Calle 13.

"You must be careful, work is one thing, you take a partner for your home, m & # 39; still, you understand?" Those things m & # 39; still, with time and experience I had, I learned what things for me out there They were normal, now I understand over time to look out, there are things that were good for me before and now nagħmilhomx more, because I understand that work in & # 39; medium where more discussion than in & # 39; other places ", explained at the time that the jury & # 39; dance 2018

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