Sunday , April 2 2023

Son & # 39; Jimena has a little brother



Motivated by Marcelo Tinelli on the dance floor, Mauro Caiazza formally requested to Jimena Barón, his partner in the competition, to be his girlfriend. From there, Momo, the son of actress had with ex-footballer Daniel Osvaldo, who came idea crossed with & # 39; the boyfriend & # 39; his mother during a car trip. "Ask if he wants to marry," suggested Momo and dancer answered with & # 39; question. "Do not you think it's a little fast?, Which Momo said: How fast?

Mauro tried to explain: "We have received two weeks ago, because it would be good for us to get married?" He said he and Momo took the opportunity to reveal the real reason: "I feel a brother." Mama takes care of the child and we baby. "

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