Sunday , April 2 2023

"Sos de la B": the players provocation & # 39; Boca to River fans on the spot


Since before the first Libertadores final between Boca and River, the protagonist tried to reduce the effervescence & # 39; event & # 39; this type. The situation went wild in the vicinity of & # 39; landmark with aggression to micro visitor.

Both Darío Benedetto and Carlos Tevez were bright when referring to the postponement of & # 39; commitment to millionaire in front of the microphones. And after his statements, issued a video in which various elements are distinguished in campus & # 39; & # 39 dialettiku a cross, local fans were still in place.

"Hey, go to work, give it, you go to work tomorrow", was one of the phrases. Later it was heard & # 39 ;: "Skip, you broke the court." And finally a "You B".

At the scene they Benedetto and Julio Buffarini, appearing to download. In the foreground there is another player who can not be identified.

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