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Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk. Spider Milk?


The spider in question, without its young people.
Enlarge / The spider in question, without its young people.

The milk comes from mammals. It's kind of & # 39; something distinctly mammalian. Even our government knows what. And yet, the Chinese scientists have documented the jump spiders to provide their children with drops & # 39; nutrient rich fluid from a furrow on the mother's body. It is the only nourishment for spiderlings until they start looking for food, and even still drink until they get a little more mature. The results are reported science.

The cockroaches and doves also provide their children with & # 39; substance described as "milk", because it comes from their body and provides exclusive source & # 39; sustenance youth. The cane moms deposit this substance in the brood pouch where their developing embryos.

Dove parents, both mothers and fathers-generating crops & # 39 milk, and breastfeeding the baby bird for the first few days of their lives, until the baby can digest real food. The vegetable milk consists & # 39; & # 39 filled with cells; nutrizz shelled in shell from within the crop of the parent birds, which are under their necks.

Magnus Toxeus are jumping spiders studied here, and look like ants. Method & # 39; care of their children also seems to the two examples of & # 39; above. They have a specialized body to make milk, which the researchers suggest is composed of non-viable eggs transformed into & # 39; food for the offspring to survive.

These spiders also live in & # 39; Nat small, nuclear family where the mom take care of the kids even after they reach maturity. For some time, the young man settle for feed but still & # 39; close to home, and makes them even more like mammals.

So this is definitely not breastfeeding, but these researchers believe that "compared with & # 39; functional and behavioral mode for milk." It also evolutionary need like: offset access & # 39; uncertain food and keep young people in the nest as much as & # 39; is to protect them from predators.

The jumping spider has a milk content & # 39; & # 39 protein; 123.9 mg / ml, four & # 39; times that of cow's milk. Vegan is.

science, 2018 DOI: 10.1126 / science.aat3692 (About DOIs).

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