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special program at & # 39; Nat Geo: The life & # 39; Gustavo Cerati under its respondents


That Sunday, the Ċerati prepared the Scots in & # 39; a meeting, in the house where the most famous family had lived until 10 years. The record is the starting point for the chapter to absent Gustavo Cerati, Nat Geo signal that will extend today, at 22, in the cycle "Bios. Learning that your marked", co-produced by Underground, the company & # 39; Sebastián Ortega.

The & # 39; hours program is advertised as "much more than a biography; it will be a tribute to the great artist, his life and his legacy." It is structured on the & # 39; exclusive evidence base those closest to his life, like that & # 39; the former Soda Stereo Charly Alberti and zeta Bosio and personalities who knew him, like Shakira, Daniel Kon, The showgirl Anita Álvarez of Toledo, The sound engineer Adrián Taverna, Caito Lorenzo, Leandro Fresco and Leo García, Reconstructing the most important moments in his career. It will be managed by the Chilean singer Javiera Mena, Which was chosen for this task by the family of musician who died four & # 39; years ago.

Support & # 39; the pictures will have unpublished photographs of the neighborhood where he lived the musician, the pizzerija attended, his beginning, where the famous trio bar opened an act of opening up for Los Abuelos de la Nada and Virus, soloist, in a chronological history starting from his childhood and conclude with its latest album, "Fuerza natural".

In addition to the mother & # 39; artist, Lillian Clarkeof his family circle sister intervene Laura
Cerati; his children Benito and Lisa; your niece Guadalupe and his ex-girlfriend youth, Ana Saint Jean. The production promises to be intimate approach and deep to learn more (with its flaws, its dependencies, its genius and its virtues) on the artist b & # 39; many results, responsible for contributing huge and revolutionary in music history & # 39; Latin America and the Argentine ambassador to rock the continent.

As a song is born

Among the advances that have been published in the production, told the story of the song "Tea for three". The mother & # 39; Cerati says as received the news that Juan José Cerati, The father of the singer, suffered from terminal cancer. "It was a very big blow to Gustavo. Never forget that, because immediately wrote a song." I saw you crying, I saw you crying for him / '- Clarke spoke. I practically ħassem. He was gone all night and he made the song. "

That habit of writing at the beginning goes back to its origins, according to his mother "were near the two were listening to music at home. I opened the door and Gustavo would stand on a chair in dining room, and wrote a song with his guitar. "

The channel also came part of the words & # 39; Shakira, who worked with the songs "Special Day" and "No", are part of the discography of the Colombian. "Niftakarh always attached to the guitar", he says. He was different. "

Mena evoke him as a musician & # 39; "retailer" at the time of registration. "His way of & # 39; approaching music, and obsessive was in the studio. When I heard those who worked with him, I knew it was the first to come and last to leave," said certificate -Ċilen.

For his visit to that country, when married with the Chilean model María
Cecilia Amenábar, Mother & # 39; her two children, and not witnesses in the program, Mena said Cerati was in the "collective group & # 39; unconscious" as a local artist and influenced his music. "They were like the Backstreet Boys in the eighties. For me it was a star, but I would I & # 39; closely consider it, home. I did not know him, but the beauty of & # 39; this documentary was know that he knew him, had heard & # 39; my album "Describing minors'."

The prophecy & # 39; father

Among the most interesting of the documentary there unpublished images. For example, presentation is shown by his father, surprising here predicting the future. When he was six years old, in & # 39; family ġużjoni, Juan José presented it: "You … Gustavo Cerati, the musician that everyone's talking about!". Then the child begins to sing some verses & # 39; popular song.

The program contains intimate videos of his children, as that in which the musician recorded Benito when he was two and wrote the first plastic guitar. F & # 39; another scene shown in the delivery room, when we saw the birth of & # 39; Lisa, today is & # 39; 22 years and make a cross between his father and the beauty & # 39; mother. "Already we have a band. We already have the singer," says Gustavo, caressing the baby of her birth.

"It's hard to remember it without passing day. I miss him a lot … Sometimes I'm at home I thought about it and go to forget, to clean up. But going in & # 39; business and Soda learner, or someone passing by and shirt with his image. Then I understand that it is impossible. Dad is like air: it is everywhere ", confesses the young woman.

The characters cycle & # 39; "Bios" deals, which began two weeks ago with a program dedicated to him Charly García, Selected by & # 39; survey conducted throughout the continent. The leader & # 39; Soda Stereo was the one with the most votes in Latin America. B & # 39; all, 10,000 fans demanded to know more about the human life that was marking a milestone in the history of rock and pop.

"It was an incredible experience for everyone. We went back to analyze tens of & # 39; videos, photos, music files, things that were there but we were forgotten. For me it was the reunion with & # 39; This served dad … to close different stages of my life ", says Benito (24 years), is surprised at the same similarity with & # 39; father.

Gustavo Cerati was born in 11 & # 39; August, 1959 and died on 4 & # 39; September, 2014, after four made & # 39; & # 39 four years; months at a clinic in & # 39; Belgrano devastating infarction of ċereb suffered after performance in Venezuela.

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