Tuesday , July 27 2021

Sportivo won and came in the Copa Argentina


Fernando Catube outpaced Sportivo Belgrano in the first half.

Sportivo Belgrano 1-0 win against Racing de Córdoba as part of the second part of the preliminary stage of the Copa Argentina. In the first part was 2-1 for "academy" and this Sunday the "green" will seek to turn the series.

The game started great fear for Sportivo. In the first advancement racing, Héctor Cuevas was the f & # 39; & # 39 with this, Cosentino, but the striker was postponed and quick response from kkallem defense to beat back the hearts. It was a game of pitch because both disputed the possession, Racing to avoid being attacked and Sportivo start generating targeted & # 39; Rodriguez.

The goal came in the 36th minute after a corner kick. After several attempts to stop the ball, Sportivo opened manually score & # 39; Fernando Catube imbuttaha made only after the header & # 39; Mattalia.

Mattalía Catube mimxutha and came away only scoring first for Sportivo.

The game has gone cold

In the second part of the procedure was deepened. The teams fought for the ball, but it was Racing who started Sportivo sit in their own stadium. The "green" had some backlash but failed in the definition. At the close racing but he came Cosentino has become a large and took everything to the "green" stay & # 39; a triumph that was celebrated throughout the stadium.

Now, Sportivo will have a second regional preliminary stage of the Copa Argentina, next Thursday against Students & # 39; Río Cuarto in the field "Oscar C. Boero" for the first leg.


Sportivo Belgrano 1: Federico Cosentino, Rodrigo Chavez, Pablo Mattalía, Nahuel Rodírguez and Esteban Goicoechea; Algozino Lucas, Nicolas Bruna and Gonzalo Ramirez; Juan Pablo Francia, Fernando Nicolás Capellino Catube. DT: Cristian Domizzi

0 races: Leonardo Rodríguez; Marcio Gómez, Lucas Navarro, Walter Recuero, Maximiliano Villa; Jorge Ocampo, David Fernandez, Favio vlvarez, Matías Manzano; Hector Cuevas and Francisco Biasutti DT: Reinaldo Merlo

references: Vinas Nahuel Diego Martín Aguirre and Javier Caro.

stage: "Oscar C. Boero"

changes: Vaudagna from Biasutti (R) Gaviglio by Capellino (SB) by García Fernández (R) Camisassa by Rodríguez (SB) Nievas Escobar from France (SB)

goals: Catube 36min 1T (SB)

'Mustard' Merlo and "Birds" Domizzi give indications in the full game.
Good public under the "Oscar C. Boero".
The people of the "academy" were in & # 39; San Francisco to encourage their team.

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