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Spyro Trilogy reignited, incompatible dragon


Of & # 39; topiċità for precious Spider her PS4 Man, no candidate doubt for GOTY 2018 and one of the best games and entertaining both the character and the superhero subgenus, Insomniac is one of those studies soon one / a he stops to think about it, he realizes that he has a half-life turn. Like Naughty Dog, Insomniac of IPs to Sony consoles from four different generations: For PSone Spyro, Ratchet & Clank for PS2 – although continued on all subsequent PlayStation consoles, including laptops-, Resistance to the PS3, and Spider-Man above for PS4.

Platforms and Dragons

After his first game, that did not sell well received but disruptors, Insomniac hit the spot with & # 39; Spyro, platforms & # 39; 3 people starred by many dragon style & # 39; Pixar 90 and has already demonstrated its own stamp – humor, imagination, color, fun – the study apply to all his works – except for the Resistance, good trilogy FPS but it makes you laugh precisely. What the Spyro of & # 39; 1998 born character in 20 years has undergone several publishers, b & # 39; systems (almost) all from the fifth to the eighth generation (b & # 39; unequal time), and what was the raħda of & # 39; the first truly Toys for Life & # 39; success: Skylanders.

But what we had in & # 39; our fingers in the PS4 version in & # 39; these days is a new adventure of dragoncito. it absolute "Back to Basic", a joyful reunion & # 39; three games soluble aroma of & # 39; The new 3D platform school, Total throwback twenty years ago, when the worlds were not so open, the maps were flooded with icons and life was as simple as grabbing, burning & # 39; sheep, chickens and trolls, finding gems , the dragon egg and leave to take pleasure rather than & # 39; analyze everything.

Rescue the good guys and the bad guys gobble

For those who do not know Spyro, or know him but never had the original trilogy, the first three Spyro games are Adventures & # 39; others centered on platforms and fighting, with a purely Insomniac plots making them ideal for a very wide audience Target -eye, dragoncitos, small jumps and colors do not mean & # 39; only child & # 39 ;. Simple to follow, humor is constant and superbly applied, as for example the first Spyro begins with Filming of & # 39; documentary in which they interview a few dragons antropomorfiċi living in & # 39; land & # 39; fantasy and portals. And the goth Gnasty Gnorc, manual ork, turn the crystal after hearing they asked a few ugly and dangerous rival is -Spyro background, hunting sheep.

Like most of the games & # 39; that generation and platforms & # 39; those & # 39; before, the narrative remains & # 39; in the background, applied in & # 39; several scenes, because the power lies in pure and tough game, Although in & # 39; Spyro 2 and 3 the character team increased by & # 39; considerably, and we even mastering other than the dragon. Divided into & # 39; levels within the world, we all major center linked & # 39; small centers filled with & # 39; main objectives – for example in Spyro 1 is nissalvaw dragons – and secondary in the form of & # 39; collection – precious stones, gems everywhere, boxes with & # 39; hidden keys, the dragon egg In fact, even There & # 39 levels, bonus (free flight) where the aim is to overcome the challenges in & # 39; some time to add more gems with the bank, for the simple pleasure overcome.

Although the game is becoming more complex in & # 39; Spyro 2 and 3, three games to maintain a similar line and many sin & # 39; & # 39; Simple & # 39; compared & # 39; Current game. But be careful, not because they do not have 50 sidequests and does not mix RPG & # 39; jumping and tiġġieledek forward as LEGO, because it is in & # 39; those securities where one shows streaks & # 39; & # 39 gamers;. An expert player, all Spyro will not be difficult to overcome b & # 39; in general, but here and there present three pitfalls which you will fight; collectors' items you can not find you and annoy you want to achieve 100%; Final heads; Moments & # 39; 'okay, I'm lost, and now x & # 39; I do? " And it is the achievement of & # 39; these things will make you smile, like the great remake of Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

Old School

B & # 39; average & # 39; 6-7 hours at & # 39; each consignment, complete Spyro Trilogy reignited will take you 18-20 hours. But what is in the plan & # 39; & # 39 ;. moisture palante If you want to encourage all secrets, do side missions and get 100% at & # 39; each world, those hours will double easily. great item for backtracking is possible in & # 39; to bring it every game, looking the world in the list, and teleport spot area We should not look 100% to stay. Option does not affect the duration and allowing the rhythm of the game does not suffer anything.

Approves the saying "if something works, why tbiddlulha", the Toys for Bobs study, which has three Skylanders games on his CV and port & # 39; Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. sane for Switch, He devoted himself to do right, Showing that the work & # 39; Insomniac with the original trilogy was the right time test. The game is the same, beyond mapping free camera on the stick right – remember when PSone free camera was oriented using the buttons on the remote and not sticks? "The horror, the horror …" In wide areas, Free camera is even & # 39; advantage, but in & # 39; more restricted areas is a constant struggle relocation, especially if we fight. A trick is to press the left trigger to re & # 39; placed in & # 39; half, or leave it pressed and it "will inank" the camera after Spyro, though sharp turns and is required to re & # 39 ; be re-positioned.

Control is perfect in its reply, M & # 39; there is no delay in pulsation And even in the challenges & # 39; air feel as Spyro flies. And it is the same, so if you're a veteran of the saga, it will be like to remember your games on the PSX, actually better, since the new mapping & # 39; some allow it buttons. The same with the standards, which have excellent coat & # 39; paint, but essentially The route is the same, Only in & # 39; familiar visual environment but at the same time again.


Visually, it is clear that the lion's share of & # 39; this remake. The study caught the polygonal aspect of & # 39; low load & # 39; off phase suffering games Generation 5 remade from top to bottom over, Though not changed, but tejbetha. The color is constant, Spyro the animations are great, areas of & # 39; air, the distance & # 39; the horizon is palpable, the scenes with the game engine and stored again everything looks very good. At the level of texturing m & # 39; there too, but the set provides based on the style of the game. Kudos for the best: design of the characters and especially & # 39; a dragon, since we went from almost generic dragons & # 39; the first Spyro gallery for & # 39; Dragons redesigned and all the b & # 39; manifest personalities and many details to admire.

And sonorously another joy. Dubbing into Spanish is good and worked, and the BSO is the same as Stewart Copeland, b & # 39; that there based on recordElectric Umbrellas, beat and percussion rock, With only & # 39; a large increase: at any time can stop the game, enter the menu and select if we hear the BSO as they were 20 years ago, or reorchestrated version hunting audible & # 39; many without fostering the original notes

(Note: This review was conducted with & # 39; code PS4 version provided by Activision)


B & # 39 much nostalgia, and a time when gaming was not mainstream now, Reincarnated Spyro Trilogy is a "throwback" to 3D fifth generation platforms as the Crash N. sane. Compared with the original, the mapping of buttons provides extra point and takes some difficulty from the original, but the experience is still grateful and not simply walk. You have to jump, search, and singes fly, discover secret items and areas. And for the price itself is three games in one which this layer & # 39; audiovisual update with nothing left. The contrary: the old Spyro has not at the time so the PSone.


  • A work & # 39; & # graphical update made by 39, would love to add the spirit of & # 39; Spyro, not detract
  • The teleporter to move between areas
  • That game was not touched: There is rhythm, not added
  • Three games in & # 39; 1 and a minimum of & # 39; nearly 20 hours to complete
  • To enable & # 39; choose between the original and the new BSO


  • The load times in the first Spyro
  • Although remapped, the camera continues to give war in narrow spaces
  • The veteran players of the trilogy did not find anything challenging


very good

Game & # 39; remarkable finish we will enjoy and remember. A good purchase, highly recommended for the genre lovers. It's good at all.

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