Monday , September 26 2022

Statements & # 39; Kim Kardashian drugs and of his sex tape


In the last chapter of & # 39; Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian spoke on her failed marriage to producer Damon Thomas and sex tape made with & # 39; Ray J.

"When I got married, I nikkonsumat with ecstasy, the first time kkunsemmejt got married, took it again and registered sex video played, always something bad happened," the model acknowledged.

"You iddakkolat when I made the video?" Said Scott Disick, Kim answered with & # 39; affirmative way: "Everybody knows, my jaw shaking all the time."

"I definitely spent time as a rebel girl in recent years & # 39; my adolescence, but not & # 39; I am like that more," said the star & # 39; reality, referring to the sex video made with & # 39; Ray J. and which became famous: "I am aware that this was my presentation to the world, was due to something negative so I had to work 10 times difficult for people to know me as really feel. "

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