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step father's death attributed to & # 39; baby


25 & # 39; November 2018 – 00:15
According to the autopsy, the child died & # 39; more than one blow on the skull. It happened Thursday in the city & # 39; Rosario.

The Justice & # 39; Rosario attributed yesterday with & # 39; simple millikost the Fathers of child & # 39; years and eight months for poltraumatisms died Thursday in the city & # 39; Villa Gobernador Galvez, informed the Public Ministry sources Charges (MPA). This is Brian Ezequiel Ferrer (21), which remains & # 39; in custody for the duration of the law and shall submit to the Medical Board to determine his mental health, as decided this afternoon at imputativa trial judge of prime & # 39; instance, Mariano Aliau

The prosecutor & # 39; the unit & # 39; Painful homicidal, Georgina Pairola, accusing Ferrer on the incident which occurred on Thursday, around 9:45 pm, in the vicinity and Rosario 2 Passage of & # 39; Villa Gobernador Galvez, located 10 kilometers In the south of the city & # 39; Rosario

"That night the accused went to walk with son Josué Matías Funes Zárate, who is the son of his partner Noelia NATIVIDAD Zárate (20), and had to bother him at least two occasions against an object or hard surface causes injuries to his gravity caused his death, "said the prosecutor. F & # 39; this sense, contributed to "the cause of death described by the forensic doctor as massive abdominal hemorrhage due to hypovolaemic shock, post-trawmatiżmu and liver tears ruin due to injuries compatible with & # 39; more than blow one ".

"These bumps are unrelated to & # 39; fall height of the minor himself or weapon & # 39; adult, but there should be a superior force due to a fracture in the clavicle and the third high left coastal arch, along with & # 39; surface wounds and edge, "said Pairola.

devilish cunning

In turn, the prosecutor aired during the process the reports provided by the psychologist who assisted to Ferrer at the time of events, where the professional left record "showed no sign of & # 39; sadness or crying and the end of the interview he started talking about the devil, said that the devil is wise, do what he wants and he knows that this will happen ".

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