Wednesday , March 22 2023

Stop Apple from fever & # 39; the WhatsApp stickers


The stickers have become the new element's path to the chat language. Like emoticons and GIFs, stickers are used as a mechanism to express much more than just emotion or change a series of & # 39; words on WhatsApp.

In applying a number of & # 39; initial options available, similar to those used in the Facebook Messenger, but true hobby earned & # 39; because users learned to create their own stickers b & # 39; & # 39 images of, friends, relatives, political or any other type of & # 39; ground who want to take in their conversations.

At least in the case of & # 39; iOS, it is necessary that people download an application WhatsApp to develop your own image.

However, this is precisely the kind of & # 39; applications that Apple trying to eliminate from its App Store. This information was disclosed by the WaBetaInfo site, a website dedicated to monitoring and filtering & # 39; the last decisions and updates & # 39; such platforms.

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The main reason that the computer company ġiganteska present is that many of those applications violate its guidelines.

In the first instance, applications to work with & # 39; independently by the company. Ie m & # 39; be necessary to download or downloaded to another application for its correct operation.

Several of – apps eliminating from the Apple store only works if the user has WhatsApp on their phone, for obvious reasons, but in theory this is not ideal.

On the other hand, many of the design are very similar interfaces and operate with & # 39; similarly between them.

WhatsApp suggests, on his official website, developers take measures to comply with the App Store guidelines. "When creating an application to create stickers on iOS, make sure to develop a single user interface (single user interface or UI) with your style. Do our sample applications."

WhatsApp make that clarification because it's hosting on its website a link that leads to applications & # 39; samples to guide developers.

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