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Strengthening hierarchy: the south talent competing San Lorenzo and Independiente – 04/12/2018


The voice on the other side of the phone was very familiar and changed the ear and ego & # 39; & # 39 Federico Mancuello in, Belo Horizonte. Connecting his old temptation. He told him about the Copa Libertadores games, & # 39; feel important and important again for visitors. And most important, he said that he needed. Jorge Almirón, which made it explode in & # 39; Independiente, asked what had the left & # 39; 29 years to the strong interest shows him adding to & # 39; His San Lorenzo, which promises to change himself for a fight in 2019. But he is not the only Argentine club Cruzeiro to seek, in Red are also must return him …

There Almiron, in full analysis cyclone in football crisis. The coach, who recently sent his first three matches in the box & # 39; Boedo (two draws and one win), already paints the team aiming and aiming to strengthen with & # 39; players who had under his wing. And Mancuello is ideal name.

He led in Avellaneda team in 2015. For its part, a midfielder from the lower direction, Mançu found the top performance of his career. He had 31 of the 35 meeting & # 39; the era Almirón at Independiente, with 13 purpose. And won a citation for team & # 39; Gerardo Martino that year: he had two friendly free kick against El Salvador in the United States.

Your sports present in Brazil are not ideal. In Cruzeiro this year was 38 matches shouted only 3 goals. And lost ground in recent times. Before, in Flamengo, had 66 matches, b & # 39; 10 goals. The player born in & # 39; Reconquista has a good contract (he had two more years at & # 39; Cro Cruzeiro, who bought 60 percent of its pace – 30 is Flamengo and 10 is his -), is comfortable in neighbor country-and still as the father & # 39; Lisa (born Friday Friday). However, how could Clar & # 39; knows, does not close the door to a possible return to Argentine football. And is again & # 39; to be directed by Almiron.

Yes, wishes and desire on the margin, we see economic conditions, although in & # 39; San Lorenzo are willing to make an effort in & # 39; this market. And the coach insists on running chaired by Matías LAMMENS. Anyway, Independiente Mançu shoot. Devil fan is a fan of Argentina and which ones have priority & # 39; Avellaneda, provided they demonstrate strong interest and authentic.

The question in the Red still expects to know whether or not it qualifies to 2019 Libertadores (Boca beat River will agree if the final in & # 39; Madrid) to inscribe the following team. If it does not fit Cup, during the first semester to go back in the Superliga and will have only one Cup and South American Cup Argentina.

For now, San Lorenzo made the first chapter of & # 39; series promised entertainment in & # 39; this book & # 39; passes still did not initiate. w

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