Tuesday , July 27 2021

Study: Something more than Nine Planet can & # 39; hide the boundaries of the Solar System

To explain the unusual orbits & # 39; & # 39 two groups; items found beyond Neptune, astronomers suggested the existence of the Ninth & # 39; Planet hypothetical within the boundaries of the Solar System. However, a new study by researchers from the University & # 39; Cambridge (UK) and American University & # 39; Beirut (Lebanon) raised another explanation for this phenomenon, reports the portal EurekAlert!

Under – media, left – scientists proposing – there & # 39 ;. T huge disk formed by small frozen bodies, Whose combined mass is over ten times that of Earth. When combined with & # 39; simplified model of the Solar System, the gravity forces & # 39; that the disk can explain the unusual orbital architecture shown by some of the so-called items transneptunjani its borders.

It is almost impossible to see this disk from within the Solar System

The portal states that this study was the first to explain the unusual orbits of the existence of & # 39; massive disk of small objects made. However, he was able to explain the particulars of & # 39; these orbits, by measuring the mass and gravity of the eight planets of our Solar System.

According to the researcher Antranik Sefilian, "the hypothesis of the Ninth & # 39; Planet is fascinating, but if there was, as yet been discovered".

"We wanted to see if there is another cause less dramatic and perhaps more natural for unusual orbits we see in & # 39; a cross-Neptuniċi items […] If you remove the Ninth Planet & # 39; from the model and instead leave the presence of & # 39; very small objects scattered over a wide area, t collective attractions between those items could explain the eccentric orbits to see in & # 39; some cross-Neptunjani items, "he added.

The author & # 39; the study explained that the problem is that it is almost impossible to see if we see this disk from within the Solar System. "While m & # 39; there is no evidence & # 39; direct observation of the disc, m & # 39; We should at Ninth & # 39; Planet, is investigate other possibilities", briefly scientist.

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