Saturday , July 24 2021

Super Moon of the Wolf Blood cut & # 39; istargazers the UK during peak total eclipse Lunarja

Skygazers in & # 39; parts of the UK under clear skies lucky to have been treated for astronomical spectacle of & # 39; "super moon of blood wolf".

The rare phenomenon, caused in part by Lunarja eclipse, making the surface of the moon appears reddish hue it appears brighter and closer to Earth than usual.

The catch of glimpse of the event with the curious title will be a lot to those who leave and leave early, since many parts of the country were covered by cloud Monday morning.

The forecaster of the Met Office Mark Mark said: "There are many cloud around, but there are some breaks to enjoy the lunar eclipse as well.

"Among many central England and north of & # 39; England is about much lower cloud around, but there are still some breaks in particular partner on the East & # 39; England and parts a & # 39; southwest England also

"It's kind of & # 39; mixed bag – further north more in the way of & # 39; cloud and affect parts of & # 39; Scotland and Northern Ireland & # 39; America, and probably unfortunately there is great visibility. "

Super Moon wolf blood occurs when blood moon and supermoon occur simultaneously and best seen in the UK about 5.10am – the supply & # 39; partners did not prevent the view.

The best viewing time was & # 39; around 5.12am when the eclipse was at its peak.

Astronomers are particularly interested in blood moon & # 39; this year because it is the last of its kind for two years.

"We are going in & # 39; this unusual lull in the total lunar eclipse over the next two years," explained Tom kers, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

"So this is a really good one to get since it will be a long time before you get another like this, we will have another eclipse the lunar, so we will not have anything spectacular to May 2021."

Below, x & # 39; is blood moon:

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While supermoon and titles blood moon to the light color and red respectively, at full moon & # 39; January sometimes called Moon "wolf".

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