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Superfinali, postponed: meeting pointless awaiting decision can & # 39; condemning River


Despite the CONMEBOL pressures to define the game on the court, the presentation & # 39; Boca maintaining a River responsible for micro accident is a reality and should be defined in & # 39; a specific time. The meeting on Tuesday at the headquarters of CONMEBOL in Paraguay is useless if there is no prior resolution.

The Disciplinary Court & # 39; & # 39 CONMEBOL be in, charge of the future of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores. A jury composed of five members to analyze the claim raised by Boca and determine if the river is to be punished with supporter attack in micro ġeneiżmu. Only four & # 39; juries may vote as Carlos Hernán Diego Pirota, a & # 39; close relationship with & # 39; Boca, can not participate because it is Argentina.

B & # 39; this way, the four & # 39; Tuesday will be rifflati to make the final resolution. The President of the Tribunal Eduardo Gross Brown, Paraguay advocate & # 39; very experienced in CONMEBOL and one of those who participated in the elimination of & # 39; Boca in 2015 in the case of & # 39; "Pepper spray". The lawyer Venezuela Amarilis Belisario, the Brazilian Antonio Carlos Meccia and Chilean Cristóbal Valdés are added to the head of the court.

Paragraph 2 of Article 8 of the regulation detailing the clubs'are responsible for security and order both within the vicinity of the stadiumbefore, during and after the game they host or organizers. '' This responsibility extends to all accidents that may be & # 39; any kind, so they exposed to the imposition of & # 39; disciplinary sanctions and compliance with & # 39; orders and instructions that may be adopted by judicial organs. "

The presentation & # 39; Boca is clear arguing that River was responsible for the aggression to its players.

In addition, the presentation to the CONMEBOL, the club xeneize asked to apply Article 18, where the following sanctions are established for clubs that break the rules.

It is necessary to clarify that the meeting & # 39; tomorrow between Daniel angelic, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio and Alejandro Domínguez (president of CONMEBOL) in & # 39; Asunción, Paraguay, will not be & # 39 ; no use to set a new date for the Superclassic, if the Tribunal does not define penalties for Millionaire team. In Xeneize go to & # 39; everything since then want the final win because of the aggression suffered by the school on Saturday.

In River are talking about betrayal

The dispute between the two clubs, in between CONMEBOL, increased to such high levels in the last battle which began hours No one wants to go back.

In River know facing complicated and uncertain scenario. The presentation of the & # 39; Boca calling for penalties on the river after the assault to the players micro discovered on the Millionaire leaders and forced its president to take tranquility and to put pressure report so revenge played with & # 39; total normality.

In statements to the press, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio was very clear, it is ensured that the party "We will go into the river and in people ' and was categorical: "It & # 39; what I have no doubt". The Chair Millionaire stressed that at all times been in & # 39; solidarity with the rival team and indicated that always gave priority to act without sporting advantage.

In the hypothetical case that the game was given to Boca, the boss of the Millionaire was clear: "If this happens it will be an absolute shame and total, and one of the greatest traditions x & # 39; can & # 39; do anyone? "

"We sign an cards, We have reached an agreement to we play the next day, and that later featured presentation calling the game. How do you feel? "He expressed it in dialogue I have to say.

Boca calls for regulation to protect

Daniel spoke angelic after the new suspension of the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores and was trading with regard to the possibility of playing phase & # 39; advertising. The president & # 39; Boca questioned the team participation and requested that the Disciplinary Court & # 39; CONMEBOL provide a "formal response" to the club demands. Passing clean: that regulation must be enforced.

The leader also said he is convinced that "games are won on the court", but said that as president of Boca "will do the best for the club." Another clear sign that there is scope to be penalized River after the accident.

And, on the change in his position, he explained: "We will abide by the fan of Boca, I am convinced that the matches won and lost in court, often I nċaħħad what I think personally, hope financial management of & # 39; review Disciplinary CONMEBOL and answer file ".

In Xeneize they compare what they experienced last Saturday in the 2015 episode pepper: the River players were attacked in the Bombonera and the second time was not taken. The Millionaire claimed in & # 39; CONMEBOL and Boca was eliminated from the competition.

It seems that the fight will continue, and last between River and Boca can & # 39; is the longest in the world.

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