Wednesday , May 25 2022

Suspended National Fruit Festival in f & # 39; El Hoyo


On Monday, confirmed the suspension of the National Fine Fruit Fiesta, which was initially scheduled for next weekend in & # 39; El Hoyo. The decision was based on the health emergency to apply for the program Esquel area.

It was confirmed in the first hours of Monday the decision to suspend the realization of the National Fine Fruit Fiesta, which was initially scheduled for the end of next week at & # 39; El Hoyo.

as reported Journey & # 39; Daily, It is expected that in the next few hours, the provincial governor, Mariano Arcioni, along with Mayor & # 39; that city, Daniel Cárdenas, confirm f & # 39; Rawson decision to suspend Holidays that were scheduled for days 11, 12 and 13 January.

This measure added & # 39; that taken at that time with Craft Festival, Epuyén, before the outbreak of & # 39; Hantavirus which has as its epicenter that & # 39; now had to balance & # 39; six fatal victims, along with & # 39; more than 20 confirmed cases of the disease.

According to the latest epidemiological report provided by Esquel programmatic area, there are 23 confirmed cases of Hantavirus, and one as a suspect, while 8 cases were excluded.

Of the total number of & # 39; cases, 7 remain interned as patients in the ward Esquel Hospital and 2 located in the Intensive Care Unit & # 39; this hospital, while one person is in the hospital ICU of & # 39; Bariloche. F & # 39; that the city & # 39; Rio Negro, is an internal person in the community and there are six deaths due to the outbreak.


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