Monday , May 23 2022


ALSO IN MSN: Thalia and its success in social networks. Video of & # 39; Huffpost.

They say that the New Year, new life, and Thalia go soon, because it decided to start 2019 with & # 39; new look, inspired by the 90s and remember his character from Marimar.

Through the account of her Instagram, the photo singer crossed a visible brown curly b'xagħar, by ensuring that it is "indomitable".

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Before that his supporters immediately with eżitawx to write and say how much had looked old and remember moments that made by & # 39; that image, b & # 39; allusion to his protagonist 1994.

"How to look beautiful"; "Bella as always, pa & # 39; s Mecha"; "Pretty" and "How nice my queen" were some of the messages to the interpreter & # 39; "I do not remember.

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Thalia also published some videos of Marimar whose followers have sent as thanks.

More news on MSN:

This is how it has changed the face of & # 39; Thalia. Gallery & # 39; El Universal.

It seemed as sharing photos on Instagram a few hours ago.

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