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The AMD no doubt confirm PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be launched in 2020


Little by little we know more details about the upcoming consoles will launch Sony and Microsoft. PlayStation 5 will be the name of Sony, but on the Xbox for m & # 39; no definitive name beyond Xbox Scarlett. Now, AMD has put the arrival of & # 39; new consoles in 2020, A figure set aside for several months.

PS5 processor uses 8-core AMD graphics and AMD Ryzen Navi: as 7 nm

2020 is a logical data b & # 39; taking into account – cycle Generational they tend to have about 7 years. PS4 and Xbox One was released at the end of 2013, Replacing the consoles that were released 7 years before. Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that working on consoles & # 39; new generation, But if you add the confirmation & # 39; AMD, all pieces are even more good.

AMD is currently – APU supplier using PS4 and Xbox One, both standard versions as well as those of the vitamin. And everything indicates that it will continue to be soon, because Lisa Su said that "although – APU segment fell slightly, Wait a significant growth after 2020"

PS4 sony pro ps5

These words make it quite clear that one is b & # 39; reference for consoles, since they are only able to moved millions & # 39; units f & # 39; & # 39 period, a specific time, b & # 39; difference from what happens in the PC where they are wanted processors and graphics cards & # 39; higher performance separately. In addition, AMD APUs already markets, nor the business sector can & # 39; cause "significant increase" in sales.

Other rumors were that PS4 would have processor 8 hearts based architecture AMD Ryzen. There was also talk about a Graphics card based on Navi, With both processes 7 nanometers. Navi is not exclusive PlayStation 5, And it will be curious to see which one to use Xbox Scarlett.

4K and 60 fps will be the end of the PS4 games

AMD will launch the first 7-nanometer processors and graphics cards in 2019 for desktop, So it makes sense to continue with the consoles & # 39; that trend. AMD will be the only manufacturer that can & # 39; have both processors and graphics using that offset, and more in the quantities required by Sony and Microsoft.

PS5 will be destined to play in offering 4K f & # 39; 60 fps (Although not everyone has a screen & # 39; 4K, but you benefit from increased thanks to supersampling antialiasing), After PS4 Pro disappoint and only WQHD reach in & # 39; many titles and 30 fps (Like Uncharted 4), while others do not go to meet 4K 30 fps. In addition, the – the report states that – the developers already have kits & # 39; development of PS5, And working on games for the console, as the case Square Enix. like Bethesda still asking both companies S & # 39; will power the console to see how much can squeeze in their games.

PS4 is taking place at the end of his life, although Sony still holds Exclusive without announcement, Along with & # 39; many others received to arrive The last us 2 or death deaths. Probably know more about this at the conference that the company will make on the side & # 39; E3 the next year after announcing it would not attend for the first time in their history.

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