Wednesday , May 25 2022

The area adjoins the ground dollar & # 39; failure & # 39; BCRA intervention and validated low


It was f & # 39; compliance with the segment of retailing, where the greenback gave nothing $ 38.41 and scored the sixth consecutive drop in banks and agencies of the city & # 39; Buenos Aires, according to the average of & # 39;

"It happened because they continued to receive funds from local and foreign investors, as well as a few offers from cereal exporters to liquidate", Highlighted by ABC Mercado de Cambio. And added that other reasons for the fall of the currency was due to the change in mood and overall decline of the dollar against foreign currencies.

As usual, the BCRA made auction Liquidity Lyrics (Leliq) for 7 days and validated decrease in the reference rate. The amount granted was $ 193 244 million, maximum 59.3% rate. The average rate was court & # 39; 58.964% (Friday was 59.287%), at the minimum rate of adjudicated & # 39; 58.496%.

The currency of North America again mixed trend rota operation that had a small recovery in traded volume. The prices showed an initial increase could not be sustained in the second half of the session.

The first part of the day brought a change in the trend of the currency, which operated at a loss resulting in & # 39; an increase in its price. During this period, the maximum values ​​achieved when prices totaled $ 37.45, eight cents & # 39; above the last closing of the last week. The decline in the exchange rate accelerated in the last hour of trading, and allowed values ​​reach a minimum of & # 39; $ 37.29 in the last part of the wheel. The negotiated volume increased by & # 39; 27% compared with Friday, reaching a total of & # 39; US $ 622 million.

Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio, "Prices fell due to the impact generated by the dominance & # 39; offer although the monetary authority ordered small retouching rate that the market takes as a reference".

He also noted that with the price reduction, "the expectations & # 39; official intervention to keep the price of the dollar in & # 39; scenery to keep features & # 39; Quiet little give rise to significant reaction in value of the dollar in the domestic framework "

Meanwhile, Salvador Di Stefano, a Agroeducación, considered that the dollar should be higher than 40 pesos and the government works for scenario & # 39; high rates and low dollar. "This is not conducive to agricultural production chain, and does not favor exports", he said.

other markets

On – the – money market inter – bank ,. T call money was operating an average of 53%.

In the futures market ROFEX, Operations were US $ 495 million, of which over 60% was agreed in terms of & # 39; in January and February, operating at the end for $ 38.58 and $ 39.95; 51 rates of 0.98% and 49.77% respectively. Both left with & # 39; mean more losses in the vicinity of & # 39; $ 0.20.

In – informal market, the – blue dropped 50 cents $ 39.50, According to the survey of caves that means the city of Buenos Aires. On the other hand, the "contad con liqui" drop & # 39; Friday 14 cents to $ 37.47.

The Central Bank reserves fell Friday 89 million and the $ 65 729 million.

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