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The astrologer Jimena La Torre predicted to win the Copa Libertadores (warning & # 39; spoiler)


The moment of truth is approaching. With a few hours left to play the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores. River and Boca walk in & # 39; for the glory, but pure was his paper: the astrologer Jimena La Torre x predicted & # 39; can & # 39; happens in the Monumental.

One of the most recognized tarotisti country was viewed by All Passion about what will bring each of the finalists in a dramatic game that will be played on Saturday from 17. The link between 2 and 2 of the first section left open the series and the winner in & # 39; Núñez c jikkonsagra will champion the continent.

Before you start "the card game" – and defines – La Torre sought to make clarification and warnings it generates concerns In the millionaire fans: "Astrologically something that River has against it, is the lack of & # 39; its closure, it means the day contrary to its anniversary, River is at 25 & # 39 , will play on May 24 & # 39; opposite. This is a bad wave"

Marcelo Gallardo identified
Marcelo Gallardo was identified by & # 39; "El Triunfo del Carro".

The first prize was a terrible goal & # 39; Núñez, although not all were bad: "The Moon is in its favorable sign". But he clarified: "The Sun is in & # 39; Sagitariu, to agree & # 39; Boca. Boca is better"

What do the letters? It was more complicated than expected. At the request of the specialist, the first journalist produced a letter representing each team, according to the order location. And South Xmajna situation has worsened, because his letter returned, While those from La Ribera had ten: "The – Boca is a letter & # 39; big success, The m & # 39; has no right or cliffs. '' The horse took the river is & # 39; greater value, but returned, to tell you that Boca is more favored. "

The letters & # 39; Barros Schelotto and Gallardo

When asked if there was any way to fight that initial forecast, the astrologer asked to draw a letter to each technical director. The Muñeco was fortunate to be represented by 'Trump car"You put the team over the shoulder a bit," said La Torre, coinciding with & # 39; 'Napoleon', the nickname that many rivers fans ask their coach.

B & # 39; difference from the first round, this destination has not led to DT xeneize. "He came by & # 39; two rounds, the team & # 39; Boca better off in sheets, but its worsening technical", Held in & # 39; relationship & # 39; Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

The tiebreaker

Since there was a letter received to Boca, but then one that's best Marcelo Gallardo, was used in the third round. Definitely, the Xeneize, according to the Commission, had thethose who win: He had a letter similar to River, but was & # 39; value.

"How difficult it is and what responsibility, the cards say there is a favorable end to Boca", he closed.

His success in the first semifinal

Before the first game played at the stadium megafinal of & # 39; Boca, La Torre was throw the cards. For many it was intrigue to know what he was able to advance, but others, after the game, forgot his words.

The truth is that the tarotista anticipated that the beneficiaries would be run by Gallardo. "Boca issued by & # 39; ten platforms, hard paper, as if it gave them branch b & # 39; robust"He explained to him All Passion.

"For River issued a major arcane, is six, which is a great thing, but inside that has two cards, It's better than rivals"La Torre completed, to clarify:" The same is letter & # 39; doubt and sixth is not a big deal ".

Said and done, though Millionaire failed to take victory, he managed great result. The Núñez related Bombonera, even when they were disadvantaged twice. 2nd and 2 were celebrated by many fans as a triumph, as they are now bet to win before their people in the Monumental.

In the semis he also guessed right

Already in the previous stage of the Copa Libertadores in 2018 foresaw that both Boca and River were going to qualify for the decisive match.

"It's pretty good, so it came before say it & # 39; s wonder, but he beautiful letter", Had advanced to the River Gremio before, a few days after, b & # 39; heroiku manner and with much suffering, the Millionaire went for the final.

F & # 39; that occasion, for the series between Boca and Palmeiras, Ribera said the group will have "a Luna super friendly"So he let the letters speak." He very well: it is about swords, on defense ", he analyzed and completed:" It is seven & # 39 ;, is a triumph. "When you see the second paper, La Tower closed: drink, very good. He sent positive energy to Boca."

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