Wednesday , December 8 2021

The Australian possum moved Called "Pikachu"


In the past month, homogeneous orphans given to service & # 39; rescue wildlife in & # 39; Melbourne. Born b & # 39; "genetic mutation", the scheme & # 39; Its bright color has earned a name binding much: Pikachu.

The Age report that the possum has a specific mutation "resulting in & # 39; low & # 39; melanin", which means that instead of his fur is brown, rather it resulted in & # 39; gold.

About five months, was introduced after it was found by a member of the public, that & # 39; probably returned to her mother. Pikachu will not be released back into the wild, due to its strong fur makes it an easy target for predators.

"One of the issues with & # 39; unusual colors, particularly if they are pale, is animal & # 39; overnight and they are pairs are obvious to predators such as owl," said Dr. Kath Handasyde of & # 39 ; Melbourne University The Age.

While it is rare as a percentage of the broader population & # 39 ;, Pikachu is not the only sum of gold in the area; Caroline Dazey of Wildlife Victoria says that there is "little pockets of them in Victoria and try to keep their secret place to keep them safe".

Hopefully there Platypus looks like Psyduck to live with them as well.

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