Thursday , December 9 2021

The church challenged the initiative & # 39; María Eugenia Vidal to legalize more gambling


B & # 39; harsh document, the Episcopal Conference of Argentina (CEA) criticized the governor & # 39; Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, To legalize the – of & # 39; online betting system by – project & # 39; Tax Law and Tax, Which was approved by the provincial Legislature.

"Each home can & # 39; to casino", Is the title of a critical document signed by the National Pastoral Care of Addiction and Addiction, which is part of the CEA.

Through the statement, the Catholic institution noted that the online betting system "it did not have the possibility to be discussed by proper society"And"have consequences"For the poorest sectors, which will be put purpose & # 39; collection.

"Any young person by cell phone you & # 39; is online With a huge offer to submit online games, the most vulnerable population live in will receive ambiguous and dangerous messages, "he said." As a child receives in & # 39; this situation the state, rather than think about his training and his first job, offer & # 39; timba & # 39; as a possible solution to your life?"He asked.

For CEA, the poor who suffer the economic crisis can think of "possible magic solution" to their situation. "And he warned:" We know from experience that causes pain in the family when the game becomes dangerous. "This means that anyone bankat, including social assistance, possible player", Continued.

In addition, he noted that the regulation of the law "will not be effective in dealing with cases & # 39; pathological gambling" and emphasized his criticism Vidal, noting that the "provincial government he has already expressed a conviction of the game, Even with & # 39; actions and concrete steps towards the future ".

"We do not believe that this decision is justified by arguing that business is taking place in hiding. It just brought view & # 39; collection and legalizing the business & # 39; just disregarding the damage to leave ", said Church.

Another criticism made by CEA was against average sanction of the House of Representatives & # 39; Buenos Aires look extend the time of sale & # 39; alcohol on the shore. "F & # 39; in this case, the business also given priority to the care of people", concluded the ekkleżjasika institution.

"The ongoing social and economic situation of the province & # 39; Buenos Aires requires the attention of the poorest neighbors have public policies promote the integral development of youth and family and M & # 39; have to turn every house in & # 39; casino"He concluded.

By province & # 39; Buenos Aires expressed are fulfilling their purpose "the game with tikberx" and argued saying that "there are two bingo and three closed casinos' because he got in & # 39; hands Vidal.

"There are dozens of & # 39; people arrested for illegal and over fifty million pesos recovered gambling, even from illegal gambling, a public offering for the first time in 23 years, so as not to directly to management & # 39 ; casino to anyone. Since we arrived, not installed another engine & # 39; slot in the province, nor agency & # 39; New lottery. "They approfondew.

On the online game, they explained: "It is much more difficult activity to monitor and combat, is prohibited by law and not pay taxes, and this is very unfair, not with the rest of the legal game, but with the rest of the activities a & # 39; economy, then what we need is an online game and pay taxes. "

And they added: "What we do is demand that those who use the game usufruct games pay taxes, and now do not pay, and if there is a project to prohibiting it and find a way to ensure that that prohibition, which is the most relevant, will undoubtedly find support in the government of the Province, but & # 39; now appear simple mechanism & # 39; control or prohibition, in the meantime pay. "

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