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The city joined to honor ARA San Juan


On the day the authorities announced the discovery of & # 39; ARA San Juan, the Wagner family Clar and the city & # 39; Olavarría were trained for the day & # 39; & # 39 after in; Hinojo (town part), to act in tribute to Wagner Diego Ship Clar, a native of the city, and his 43 camaradas.

The crew of the ARA San Juan is the protagonist of the ceremony, but they were neighbors & # 39; Olavarría that, while preparations were being made part of the tribute. Many were those who collaborated with the project initiated by Wagner -papá Emilio de Diego: local painter, the municipality itself, undergoing companies and local artists. As neighbors became aware of the desire & # 39; Emilio, are involved with b & # 39; one goal, build a replica of the ARA San Juan to honor its crew.

On Sunday, 18 & # 39; in November, the amphitheater & # 39; Hinojo was full, as well as surrounding streets. After hearing the 44 bells that sound to remember the crew & # 39; San Juan, and the National Anthem verses, the more time anticipated would be, Emilio and Catalina – parents & # 39; Diego-, the Intendent Ezequiel Galli and Diego class class. They discovered the replica of the ARA San Juan, which took three and a half months to build. F & # 39; that moment, have allowed the release of doves fly to heaven while those present kantjaw the song of the Navy. "You live the Fatherland! Let Live ARA San Juan! Long live Our 44 heroes!" Shouted to a teammate excited & # 39; Diego.

The reply is almost 10 meters long and is located in Angel Roge Lacoste de Hinojo. There were many people who were involved, friends or strangers made available simple work, heart and their emotions. "This was done with & # 39; much love and b & # 39; many tears, were all donations," said Emilio Wagner in & # 39; F DEF. "Without the neighbors do not have do anything", he said.

The mayor Galli, in turn, maintained: "From the moment we know that we Olavarrian in crew ARA San Juan, the stir was even greater. Knowing the story of his life, his sacrifice to get where he wanted, knowing his dreams through his family heard his name & # 39; in & # 39; in every home and school & # 39; Olavarría"

The chief of the submarine Juan Carlos Sampaoli, born also in & # 39; Olavarría, said: "It was our destiny that our vocation as soldiers and ġabna submarine here today to remember and nissunaw to all these seafarers performed their duty to the greatest sacrifice. the person & # 39; Diego, who was an excellent military, a & # 39; impeccable behavior, and a great professional. (…) Honor and glory to a 43-Diego and her soul ".

The Lieutenant of Ship Fernando addition, friend and companion & # 39; & # 39 promotion; Diego Wagner, remembering in dialogue with & # 39; DEF: "He was very humble, very closely linked to the profession and family, his passion was the submarine. He came from shipping, we got together and told anecdote after anecdote. I lived near my home in & # 39; Del Mar Plata, your children today are like my nephew. He was a brother heart. "

During the tribute, was also discovered a plaque bearing the name of the crew, along with the work of & # 39; local artist, Ignacio Cardiello: sea lion, symbol ARA San Juan. In deed, the Argentina Army personnel put virgin Stella Maris figure (employers Force) at the bottom of the plate. The artist Jano Chasman of the parents & # 39; Other Diego plaque, which will be on the replica.

At the ceremony, three of the 44 tree that will grow in place were planted, symbolically.

"It's virtually impossible to be saved"
Once the act is passed, DEF communicated with & # 39; Emilio Wagner. Deprived of the love of his city and on finding & # 39; ARA San Juan, the father & # 39; the submarine crew was grateful for the help received and recalled the vocation of service & # 39; his son.

– As live act? How did the idea to do a tribute?
-In many emotions. It was very strong for us. F & # 39; one occasion, gone since Mar. del Plata for Olavarría. With our lady we came very sad. F & # 39; suddenly, between Balcarce and Tandil, cloud appeared in the form of & # 39; submarine. I felt that my son was speaking something. What led me to make a reply, I wanted to do something powerful, lasting over the years. C & # 39; est thought why do it iron.

– You have experience of working with & # 39; this type of & # 39; material?
-No, never worked with & # 39; that matter, I am not a welder. Happened to see a neighbor, Gonzalez, who sells irons close to home. I asked if they would remain & # 39; left and he promised to help. That same day contact other people from the Industrial Park. When I bill them what they wanted to do, they proposed to do something bigger, important. I told him that I had no idea, but said they were sure that I would get it. They gave me two large cylinders, another person silejt place where I work, even tools. I was beside drums and I did not know x & # 39; do. I did not idea.

– Who helped him in & # 39; that stage?
-Un son was studying engineering gave me a hand to cut cylinders, made some drawings for me. Then I mentioned to Do Ariel Santos, a friend & # 39; Diego, because I saw that I just could not. None of us knew as Weld, but we started to push. F & # 39; more than one occasion I did not know how to continue. And boys asked for help, at 44. Even we used to hear, we can not. Staqsejnahom and instantly became ideas. I think that the submarine made 44. This was done with & # 39; much love and b & # 39; many tears. Were all donations. There were people who helped nġorruha, also drowned and żebbuġha. He does not know b & # 39; emotion and love which made …

– Can & # 39; said that the whole town participated …
-The people & # 39; Olavarría us with love and affection. They have 44 tree, even the owner & # 39; one nursery personally went to their plants. Without neighbors, getting anything.

– How lived finding submarine?
-Each dad, no matter how tell him what happened, he always has a small hope. When the Navy announced that found him, it was as if they were told to f & # 39; that moment had died. It was terrible, it was very hard blow. Only now can we make our duel. Diego is an extraordinary woman, Carolina. It is great that now her father is fighting in & # 39; Del Mar Plata, is only held by others in the Navy, the naval family. When we try to be traveling with her and my grandchildren.

– Think about the possibility to recover the submarine?
-It is virtually impossible saved his life. The sottomarinu weighs thousands of & # 39; t and it is very deep. I believe that boys are not there, become material. They put body and soul into heaven. Diego rests in the Argentine Sea … I live it from the first moment. He was like to be left alone, let it rest there. We never wanted to disturb the memory of & # 39; his son, because we know that if Diego back, he was moving immediately on another sottomarinu. They come in Navy to love to the Fatherland, not for money. Diego had the ability to find work in & # 39; a merchant marine, but he gave last best step to stay in his beloved Navy. He was a sailor at heart. Even in the last trip, he said his wife was going to all of them, and to defend it all. Those were the last words that Diego had it.
We as parents, and pain, with rajnax b & # 39; & # 39 x clearly, is happening. Then I've started niddefletti and thank all said Diego: how dangerous to navigate in & # 39; submarine, pressures … Diego knew it, and he told me that if something happened to them, it was very difficult to get alive. I told him to get & # 39; arises, to defend the Fatherland b & # 39; a different way. But for him, it was diverse was the greatest honor. For me, my son is a national hero. We are living in a terrible pride.

– Do you think that with the disappearance of & # 39; ARA San Juan, we Argentines were aware of & # 39; the importance of our resources?
-The people became aware of how important it is to have the Armed Forces. The Submarin protect our sea, our border. There is a before and after, let us hope so.

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