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The confession & # 39; Héctor Larrea that surprised Santiago del Moro in & # 39; "Intratables": "My daughters deleted me" – 12/05/2018


After a few years & # 39; away from television, the last living legend & # 39; radio off, Héctor Larrea, again & # 39; entered the TV to be interviewed by Santiago del Moro in its program Intratables (American TV, at 21.15). Here, In open heart, the great Argentine lawyer has proved to be "a good father".

Cycle Del Moro lead, Bragado announcer, 80, in addition to reviewing its history and confirm that f & # 39; all these years "never" ran by profession, although he clarified that leaving the TV "because they had nothing more numbers "-, revealed that no He was "devoted dad" who had to be.

This topic was derived from a question of the driver & # 39; Intratables. "Your daughter is to take your photo?" Asked Del Moro. Does & # 39; what Larrea nodded: "Yes, it today (from Norway), she Lauri". Already in question, the commander cycle & # 39; American TV continued sharp. "How did a dad?" He asked.

And Larrea answered, sincere. "More or less I do not think he was a devoted dad. But I think my daughter fehimni. Y everything done and I could not give them education ", he said.

And he said: "I came from" minus ten ". Did you work hard to give them education. I think received very good education, that everyone deserves. I hope that all children can receive education. but Did not the father dedicated the manual say that one should be. I was not. Already skużżajt and expired. I went to a few events at school, I should honestly. "

"I am a father or too little," said Larrea.

After the word & # 39; Larrea, Del Moro insisted consulting the youngest daughter of the speaker, present on the ground, if it really was so. "It was dad was when he had to be, always, although it was not in the file, and type & # 39; thing, when it should be ", replied Laura.

He concluded: "I feel a lot of emotion when they recognized him (his father) Sometimes it happens that since not stay here and we are in Norway, I jump there, alone, give it to Martín Fierro or discard them, the other day, for example, when he introduces Cacho Fontana and pinky. I think he f & # 39; an excellent time, b & # 39; professional manner. "

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