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The CONMEBOL confirmed the Superfinal in & # 39; Madrid and with two fans – 11/29/2018


The istenna passed. The split versions ran in the past. There will be final. It will f & # 39; Madrid, at the stadium & # 39; Santiago Bernabeu, on Sunday, 9 & # 39; December 8: 30 pm (4:30 pm in Argentina). On a River and Boca have to travel to define the Copa Libertadores championship.

This was confirmed by the president & # 39; CONMEBOL, Alejandro Dominguez, f & # 39; a press conference from Asunción which again & # 39; reiterated its rejection of acts & # 39; violence that occurred in Argentina and asked the actors to transmit a message of & # 39; defining peace.

"I reiterate the condemnation of the vandalism. Football will not stop because these acts & # 39; violence. We are many who love to this sport king. The Football transmitting values, win or lose, not kill or die. Are we step & # 39; hereinafter ", began Domínguez.

And details the final organization. "I want to thank the president & # 39; Spain, the president of FIFA and personally to my friend Florentino Pérez, and all cities have expressed their intention that this grand, many lovers us , can & # 39; & # 39 done in; other stalls. The decision is to play with both fans in the city & # 39; Madrid on Sunday 9 at 20: 30. The doors are open to all fans to support the football wealth. "

The president remarked that Madrid is the ideal city to play the game and again & # 39; another is charged against violent. "That bars even think about travel, m & # 39; there is no place for them".

The president Sudamerikana Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), Alejandro Domínguez, at a press conference. EFE

The president Sudamerikana Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), Alejandro Domínguez, at a press conference. EFE

"I sympathize with & # 39; those who were attacked, them and their families, I ask both clubs and their two technicians to send a message of & # 39; love and peace, football is violence, the football is love and we take care of it. we are dealing with & # 39; exceptional situation and we had to look for an alternative city. We believe that the city & # 39; Madrid has all the conditions that we need ", He said.

Dominguez said the Saturday during the scandal that took place in the stadium Monumental, CONMEBOL not handle the teams to play the game and stressed that what was important in & # 39; at that time was the health -atturi involved.

"When the players left in & # 39; ambulance knowing that the game would be suspended, and I knew that would not be Sunday either., But I needed to have the support, which came with medical records. The conditions have not been given all that happened outside the stadium ", explained the leader.

In addition, he said that "the world is waiting signal from angelic and D & # 39; Onofrio" that in recent days discussed through the media and exchanged ċikwejani to put the controversy that surrounds the party.

Regarding the organization of the game, he said that there is no reason to change referees final and is expected to be Uruguay Andrés Cunha conducting key triple.

The CONMEBOL failure

After many turns and turns, the CONMEBOL decided that "leaves no room for the application of & # 39; Boca" to disqualify River and give Cup a victory and ordered "the Competitions Department & # 39; CONMEBOL again & # 39; jipprogrammar second section of the final & # 39; the Copa Libertadores'.

On the other hand, is imposed on the River "penalty consisting in its next games in & # 39; two home games in & # 39; official competitions organized by CONMEBOL behind closed doors, that penalty begins its validity from 2019 'and' a fine & # 39; 400,000 dollars. "

Boca is expected to appeal the decision. The president of the club, Daniel angelic, promised to exhaust all routes within the CONMEBOL and even recourse to the Court & # 39; Arbitration for Sport (TAS).

The penalty for River

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