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The couple & # 39; before a woman killed in the spa Gatica was delayed


It is the main suspect in the death of & # 39; Delia Aguado, the wife & # 39; 32 years had three children. He has denounced the supposed disappearance of the woman & # 39; this week morning.

Delia Aguado, 32 years is the woman who was found murdered on the side of her vehicle in the vicinity of the spa Sandra Canale. His former partner was delayed Police in the investigation & # 39; background and is being investigated for feminicide.

The – the grounds – and prosecution – Police had to acquire – delays are in – complaint suspicious man in the early hours of & # 39; this week about the disappearance of & # 39; Delia, mother & # 39; three children.

The indications are that the woman was being beaten and strangled but the autopsy yet determine for certain causes and time of death.

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Sebastian Fariña Petersen

F & # 39; this time, the Prosecutor Eugenia Titanti and Personal Security personnel advancing the investigation of & # 39; this new crime.


The body of a woman was found shortly after this night, in Gatica background in the spa area.

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The first signs found on site indicating that it is strangled, although experts are still working on the spot the crime to the prosecutor Eugenia Titanti.

This Friday afternoon they carried out raids on the house where the victim lived with the main suspect, in search of & # 39; new evidence.



Investigate the crime & # 39; found a woman inside a car near the spa Gatica

Keys to investigate the death of & # 39; & # 39 b wife; perspective & # 39; sex


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