Friday , August 12 2022

The courageous complete history & # 39; Thelma odd, the actress who denounced the rape Juan Darthés


Subsequently, the complete history & # 39; odd:

At the end of the tour & # 39; Patito Feo, in Nicaragua, we arrived at the stadium and the hotel had collapsed & # 39 ;. I took pictures to show my mom. Ġewna to the bottom, to the pool area and close, because there were even people who paid to come to cast.

They tell us that we can go to the lobby b & # 39; any way because incurred. I did not not & # 39; protettna delegation. To go in my room, I move for the service stairs. Following behind to this man. I remember it patented.

It was already night because in Nicaragua in & # 39; & # 39 six; afternoon m & # 39; no sun. I slept alone in the room. And this guy was before me, f & # 39; another room, and going to eat and we had cake for us was the closing & # 39; friends.

When I wanted to enter my room, the card was demagnetizzat. I came by the pool and it was a basic shorcito, just dress up and towel. He told me: "You can not drop reception, why not speak of my room and pulled you have a card?"

I had to make that call and began kissing my neck from behind. I completely paralyzed account. Even today, if you call me and start doing it, seems out of place.

F & # 39; that moment I completely challenge. He grabbed my hand, għarraqni around, touching made me, showed me who stood and said: "Look how you brought."

He drew me on the bed. The shorts run. He practiced oral sex. I say no, I say no and name. It moves and touches me. It is fitted fingers & # 39 my;. And in & # 39; that moment to say: "Your children are my age". Then discover that it is something very typical for victims to think about what vittimatur not think. And to think you can not be taking place.

I kept saying no. It is a very strong phrase. And he, however, go & # 39; and it penetrates. F & # 39; that moment hit the door to bring me the paper. This makes me come. I run to the door. He tells you not to go. Put in my room to take a long bath. I did not know

I was a baby. I completely outside what I can & # 39; nimmaniġġja. I had to return a & # 39; at that age & # 39; at that time (45 years) for me was a man. End. Can & # 39; be my dad. I did not how old he was.

I went for dinner and he looked at me. I could not stand the look that generated a lot of oppression.

Then start calling on the phone and said "I came to my room". I said no, no way, and cut. He said to him: "Please, come." And "if you do not want to enter, take a walk ward", "tell me what you're wearing." I hung up the phone even though I always woke up telephone as clock & # 39; alarm to niżgurajt not rqadtx. I was awake almost all night.

I went to the lobby in the morning and there was this guy, who was the only adult among the players. He said: "I was a kid anymore." And that is the problem: it was no longer a kid, he was a gentleman. He told two sons: "Could not sleep, I was all night with sticks". And he looked at me with & # 39; kompetita that did not exist.

I was with a suitcase and he comes to me and says: "I never miss work". If agreed, it would guarantee that I work and my work is subordinate to my sexual services and not my talent.

Two months later, I started nirrikkaġja my entire face and could not quit crying and crying. My mom took me to watch because it was very fearful. In the guard recognized me and told me that they were highly stressed by all that had lived. They were referring to the two successful and I was like lying on the couch in my house and watch movies, left, lost, with jogging and T-shirt, turning a blind eye my body. I gave b & # 39; anything and not go to school every day. But we leave that diagnosis.

When CALU Rivero talk in the media about his work experience, and dismissed qalluha friend during a speech that "I filled experience". Put words with him two months ago. And it is very overpriced being unable & # 39; & # 39 because it speaks; attack. But we have to understand, above all, the victims take a long process to be able to speak.

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