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The dark details of life femiċida killed his wife in getting & # 39; & # 39 hammer in, Santa Fe

The last Tuesday, Canale Lumila he called his sister Danish insellemha and to know how it was. The conversation had been like any other. They were very close and their relationship was excellent. In fact, the day before they were together – as they were operating before and everything seems normal. The communication ends and each continued with his routine. However, after half an hour everything was about to change.

The phone rang of Lumila. neighbor was Danish to her that something happened to her sister. Without wasting & # 39; time, the woman went home, located in Liniers Road 900 from the city & # 39; Santa Fe Gálvez, receipt and found a picture that caused her panic: a large amount of & # 39; police mobiles, scientific experts to take the footprint and tape around the property.

There he learned the worst. She had to say that his relative was beaten by Jorge Trossero, brothers, and should be immediately transferred to the hospital. The first thing they thought, he said in a dialogue with & # 39; Infobae, Is that "was punch" or something like that. But it was not so. The man was laqatha at least ten times in the face and skull mass of stone. It virtually destroyed his head.

Then he himself warned stirrer 911 short message: "Come to qtilt my wife," he said. The troops arrived and transferred the hospital his wife, who still showed signs of & # 39; life. However, there was not much work & # 39; do. Danish (38), a few hours later, he died. Trossero, on the other hand, was in shock and did not say a single word since then. The police found him sitting in a dining chair near the battered woman.

"While I was going home a & # 39; sister, thought that Jorge could have made it, I remembered what he had and that it was possible for him to jegħluh, though never in the seventh & # 39; years that there has been violent with her. at least I never got, "said Lumila for this device.

The brothers which it relates is Trossero is a psychiatric patient who suffers from severe depression for a long time. Even four & # 39; years ago he tried to kill himself but was the Danish saved his life. "My sister ammettuh to Rosario and since then has been medicated. That would take him because they felt & # 39; in & # 39; depressions, "revealed.

In the last communication, Lumila consulted her sister about the health status & # 39; her husband. She told him he had "the same high and low levels as always", though nothing can & # 39; cause alarm. "About 15 days ago were not & # 39; psychiatrist. He said that there was no risk of violence Jorge carries thereon. So we do not know x & # 39; happened and never will because I know my sister m & # 39; longer there. Is dead, "he complained.

According to the woman, the day of feminicide Danish dentist and Trossero was in the grocery store have with their partner. For Lumila, besides the pain indeskribbli that produced the offense, the episode generates serious contradiction. "They mixed feelings because he was a good guy, he qatelx fly, many ħobbni. We can not understand x & # 39; happened, x & # 39; was what led to that. She went to the dentist just before and half an hour after it happened. What happened in & # 39; then ?, I do not know, "he said.

Jorge Nessier, The prosecutor investigating the case, said Danish, besides the blow head, brought injuries to arms to indicate a defensive attempt. He revealed that & # 39; now there is no police complaint or judicial any kind & # 39; aggression pact and under psychiatric expertise, the femiċida knew x & # 39; making timely & # 39; the incident was "a clear concept of & # 39; time and space."

For now, attributed Trossero homicide qualified by tying three, cruelty and is committed by a man against a woman in & # 39; & # 39 context, gender violence.

S & # 39; is now of witnesses before the judge of the Preparatory Criminal Investigation, José Luis García Troiano, while his lawyer, a public defender Javier Casco called Special Board for Mental Health evaluate femiċida.

"The only thing I c clear is that I will speak with him in & # 39; some point and ask him why made, tell me, because inħasseb well, but on the other hand I think is the killer & # 39, sister But I can not, all ask me if I was a violent and tgħidhom ever, "said Lumila.

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