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The death & # 39; Carla Soggiu: they call to investigate whether the fight that gave her former is related to its tragic end – 01/20/2019

"Carla was receiving blows to the head", says Alfredo Soggiu. He is the father & # 39; Carla, the daughter & # 39; 28 years remaining & # 39; absent from Tuesday and his body was found Saturday in & # 39; Riachuelo: according to preliminary results of the autopsy, is drowned. Carla had a button panic since December, when rejecting its former partner and father of two children, Nicolás Fuentes, violence gender and sexual abuse: was arrested on 27 December .

"When she was fifteen years, Carla was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and operated." The doctor kkuratha said that her cerebral cortex was thin as a sheet of paper, and the only thing that had to avoid was suffering blows to the head", Adds Alfredo.

Prefectura found the body of Carla Soggiu in Riachuelo. (Photo: Jorge Sánchez)

Prefectura found the body of Carla Soggiu in Riachuelo. (Photo: Jorge Sánchez)

"I believe that the situation receiving blows Something happened in the drainage valve was put into operation in 2006. It can & # 39; lead to disorientation or injury. Finally audio Carla is perplexing. We are going to ask that it be investigated, but I want to find how I can & # 39; I for not doing it, nobody used to this. Carla said feeling "Disorientated".

For the lawyer Natalia GHERARDI, executive director of the team & # 39; Latin American Justice and Gender (ELA), "f & # 39; judicial cases & # 39; violence based on gender, looked at the situation as a continuum, And understands that the continuity of violence can & # 39; involves the addition of & # 39; additional new elements to the case which occurs after what came to be investigated. "

"That every event & # 39; violence is not treated as an isolated event is a way in which the complainant is not reviewed: event & # 39; violence between the sexes is more than photo film. Looking towards b & # 39; that way and not separately is a historic demand for justice to have the gender perspective: progress but there is still a long way, "says GHERARDI.

Mariela Labozzetta, head of the Unit of the Special Prosecutor on Violence against Women of the Public Prosecutor's Office, describes in general terms: helping you & # 39; is large enough to lead to death, can & # 39; analyzing if an attempt & # 39; homicide, Although you should always analyze what the experts determine ".

Carla Soggiu

Carla Soggiu

"F & # 39; & # 39 cases; gender violence, the suggestion is that the acts committed by the person complained are investigated simultaneously and not in & # 39; isolation: To give better treatment to the victim, to state only once in the same case: can & # 39; there are situations & # 39; injury, psychological violence, threats or rape to aggravate themselves when all studied them "explains the prosecutor.

"I'm going to find a way to investigate both of my daughter had injuries x & # 39; share with her death. I find the truth & # 39; and until that happens I would not sleep with & # 39; peaceful way, nor my daughter will rest in peace, nor can & # 39; bored, "points out Alfredo Soggiu.

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