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The declaration of love & # 39; Mirtha Legrand to Fede Bal: "Were I 40 years younger …"

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21 & # 39, January, 2019

The conductor Mirtha Legrand surprised by her words the actor Federico Bal, who was one of the guests in his classic meals in the Costa Galana, Del Mar Plata.

Mirtha Legrand declared her love Federico Bal

For years, the meals Mirtha Legrand during the summer are in Costa Galana Hotel & # 39; Del Mar Plata.

During the Sunday program passed all the emotions. The guest Raúl Lavie He recalled his son Leo Satragno, who died a few days ago and moved everyone.

The place filled moment when Flor de la V crossed with & # 39; Hernán Lombardi, after exbrupt of & # 39; actress when mentioning the vice president, Gabriela MICHETTI.

At the end of the meal & # 39; south and the moment when the Chiqui commence watches & # 39; hands, Bal said Fede "I want to make a gift: it will give to dad Bianca (Iovenetti), which is a member of the caste"A few days ago, the protagonist of & # 39;" Newly Together "appeared with the girl in bowling alley.

Federico Bal after the premiere of his theatrical work: "Dad did not want to die without red on stage with & # 39; seniors and I'm"

At the time, De la V said "Friends or something else? He father …"To which the actor replied:" We have to love each other a lot to do & # 39; Bianca ", and Mirtha comment:" You predator, baby … ".

"No, no! I do it a lot. I'm good," replied young man. Then, the diva get your hands a child & # 39; Carmen Barbieri said: "Had … I love you and at least 40 years"

For surprise & # 39; ex boyfriend & # 39; Laurita Fernandez, he replied: "Saying?! Lose my love for you, Mirtha! "He added:" We affair: Cap de Gentes, both on the beach …"

F & # 39; then, another injured by guests & # 39; from the declaration of love, commented: "I am very nħobbni because they never told me that in life …".

The champion & # 39; Bilando 2015 wrote on his account & # 39; Twitter 'They say that to love m & # 39; there is no age, ma'am … I love you, and nammirak nirrispettak"

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