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The deputy Olmedo said that "half the allegations & # 39; gender violence are false"


7 & # 39; January, 2019

Olmedo is in & # 39; Del Mar Plata where he launched his candidacy for president.

Alfredo Olmedo

the Deputy to Salta, Alfredo Olmedo, Is Mari del Plata and said x & # 39; they are the first steps if he wins the presidential elections this year. On the coast is carrying his truck with & # 39; map that says "President & # 39; Olmedo"From both sides. Read also"compulsory military service"U"Castration to abusers"

One of the proposals is the return of military service for those learners or work. In addition, he said that "will remove the protocol abortion because today abortion is legalized in certain way Argentina"

He added: "A woman who will tell who was raped and does not present any kind & # 39; evidence goes directly to abortion. On the economic issue, I think we should adjust policy and not for people . "

Alfredo Olmedo was the only deputy who voted against Law & # 39; Micaela: "No to gender ideology"

In addition, he said that in & # 39; & # 39 terms; gender violence "Violence exists on both sides, From man to woman and woman to another ". He added:" In all cases I am totally against. but 50% of complaints are false. I abide people who declare what happened to them, What I find strange is that from declaring years later. So how abuse nikkastigah the greatest pain is the right thing to do, but the killing of & # 39; boy is right. "

On the other hand, he believes that they discriminate against women in the group & # 39; women. "God created man and woman to be together and the collective is similar to separating it "he said.

"Delinkat guilty, decorated police", the campaign promise & # 39; Alfredo Olmedo

On the other hand, the legislator said: "God created the perfect family and the man not only women, or more women than men, but each was created for common things and different things."

"The man can not be a mother and a woman can not be a father. The things that man can & # 39; do not be carried out by women and vice versa. It is a perfect complement, not separation," he added.

Also, he said that to close its leader is God, "the people are sovereign"

After – their statements, the – users & # 39; Twitter they denied his words.

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