Saturday , June 25 2022

The desperate request & # 39; young woman who was missing five months: I do not want I'm here, are jisforzawni


The girl was found after having been recognized by Ratha in woman & # 39; & # 39 vehicle, man. Immediately he gave notice to the police managed to prevent them little later. Once the young woman was with the police, gave phone to be able to & # 39; & # 39 communicates with; sister whom she said: "I do not want to be here, they are forcing me to stay, I can not speak to & # 39; someone and hitting me".

The man, a & # 39; 46 years old, was arrested by the agents The delegation of PFA concept and can & # 39; be charged with the offense of & # 39; "Illegal Denial of freedom and gender violence", Advanced judicial speakers.

Rubén Oseira, Owner of a young woman, said Priscilla already complained to her partner before, "but unfortunately she got back with him".


"I do not know if it was because dealing or threaten her, but she, not to tpoğğihx f & # 39; risk, got him", said Oseira, adding that the man "I sold drugs" f & # 39; La paternal and his lineage had & # 39; addiction problems.

As of Priscilla, its owner told us that she "Well, located, but obviously deteriorated because of everything that happened in & # 39; these months", And that "they tawlek clean clothes, he took, flooded."

"We encourage contacts with & # 39; people to take it (when I & # 39; back to Buenos Aires) in & # 39; farm & # 39; rehabilitation to not come here or go home & # 39; brothers old ", she said. the owner of the young woman, who had stated that "with enough challenge" and "so the same thing does not occur again" must "find a place" for Priscilla.

Oseira also said that the mother of the girl received telephone threats from the sister of the arrested when he learned of the incident, and thus come to lodge a complaint about it.

The case is being investigated by the Prosecutor's Office of Instruction 3 of the Judicial Center & # 39; Monteros, who ordered it The girl is transferred to a safe house for victims of trafficking and guarded by police officers, while the arrested person would give a statement & # 39; inquiry today before Justice.

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