Friday , August 12 2022

The details of the complaint for breach of & # 39; Thelma odd against Juan Darthés


According to the text, the violation occurred about seven afternoon & # 39; 17 & # 39; May 2009 in Holiday Inn Hotel a & # 39; Managua, where the cast had just returned after carrying out the Galerias Santo Domingo, shopping center in the capital.

"When she was in the room & # 39; the investigation (…), after telqetha bed, the victim is approached and drew him out the short shorts that woreha and put her tongue in oral sex vagina) ", The details of the document, signed by odd and assistant prosecutor Maryine del Carmen Rivera ESCOTO.

And adds: "At the same time he put two fingers & # 39; one of his hands into the vagina of the victim, Then rriċerkata person is placed on the body of the victim and always drawing or short pull the victim enter the penis and began to make circular movements with his penis inside the vagina"

The text indicates that Darthés not used "any kind & # 39; protection" and "As soon as they were caught on the door (…), came fast, f & # 39; at which time the victim took the opportunity to get out of bed and then retire to his room".

In addition, the presentation explains that f & # 39; April 2018 odd went to the Specialized Unit on Violence against Women in Argentina, but that the prosecutor Mariela Labozzeta said it could not investigate cases happened outside national -territorju. Finally actress denounced the fact in Nicaragua after meeting with the Argentine consul in & # 39; that country and representatives of CPDH (The Permanent Human Rights Commission).

After the statement, the prosecutor ESCOTO Rivera asked the Legal Medicine Institute to practice a series victim & # 39; forensic expertise Type psychological (To determine the psychic damage produced and treatment needs) and physical (To verify whether injuries in the genital area and your paragenital).

Sabrina Cartabia, The lawyer avżaha in Argentina, explained to Infobae the phase of the test collection will now begin. That crime is judged in the country where it happened and that Argentina, the most, you & # 39; providing collaboration. Sources & # 39; of & # 39 agencies; Security confirmed to this media Darthés "could only be maintained by Interpol PFA if Nicaraguan judge issues warrant & # 39; international arrest warrant."

The offense for which he is charged was Darthés down: it happens 10 years passed 9. In Nicaragua, the penalty for violation & # 39; person & # 39; more than 15 years or more is & # 39; 8 to 12 years in prison and can & # 39; increasing to 15 years in & # 39; & # 39 case; aggravating circumstances.

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