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The drama & # 39; mother: "I never imagined that a kiss can & # 39; to kill my baby" – International


"Never in my worst nightmares could not imagine that Kiss & # 39; to kill my baby and I do not want other parents go through this," said Kelly Brittan Ineson death of & # 39; Kiara bintuha Cummins, because of neonatal herpes.

The happiness that brought the arrival of & # 39; Kiara the Cummins family, at the end of & # 39; last July, ended just a few days later, when the state of health of the girl deteriorated until he died.

According to the Daily Mail, Kiara had only ten days when Kelly and her boyfriend, Thomas Cummins, was taken to the hospital, because her weight had dropped & # 39; b & # 39; dramatically.

It was the beginning of the tragedy for this British family, residing in & # 39; Dewsbury.

Doctors kkuraw the baby failed to diagnose an infection for a few days. At that time, the girl kidneys stopped working, then sepsis occurred and had to be induced coma.

The family & # 39; Kiara realized just how their condition deteriorated drastically day by & # 39; day. When the child's mother saw a group & # 39; around doctors and combines with the engine, she knew that the child ceases to exist.

Finally the diagnosis of & # 39; newborn herpes come, but in & # 39; that moment told the parents & # 39; Kiara was not anything out there & # 39; to make and a few died.

Although the girl was placed in & # 39; a coma, even though she was still living, she had severe brain damage.

Ineson and its winners had to take the decision to disconnect their daughter from devices that kept alive.

In the UK, affecting newborn infants herpes 1.65 per hundred thousand live births. It is caused by simple herpes virus, which is highly contagious, and causes ulcers and lesions in adults.

In infants, the virus is deadly because their immune system is not developed with & # 39; fullest.

After the death of & # 39; Kiara, doctors told her family that the baby probably contracted the virus through & # 39; kiss.

Therefore, Ineson ask all parents to take care of their babies in respect of persons jbagħtuhom.

"We have been always very careful not to allow anyone who looked wrong or not ħasebx the ħdejnha hands," said Ineson.

Many people do not even know they have the virus, because one in three people have symptoms.

The mother & # 39; Kiara is desperate to try to find explanations for what happened. Remember now the day Kiara died as the worst life.

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