Sunday , December 5 2021

The eerie moment when passengers & # 39; flight saw how the turbine plane was not armed


The plane had to return to the airport & # 39; Las Vegas because the shell & # 39; one of the turbines began to disarm seconds after arrival.

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The – of – flight 260 passengers & # 39; Frontier Airlines lived experience & # 39; chilling to see how one of the machine plan broke out and spread in the air. The flight was going from Las Vegas to Florida.

People on board managed to drive with their cell phones the moment part of the cover of & # 39; one of the turbines plan appeared shortly after starting the maneuver. The flight crew immediately called for the return to the airport, made a landing & # 39; emergency and none of the 166 passengers suffered no injuries or damage.

"The – machine continued to function with & # 39; normal and plan, Airbus A320, landed well, "said the airline. They also announced that it will compensate passengers with all the cost of travel and will provide coupon & # 39; $ 500 extra.

"The – safety is – our highest priority – Frontier Airlines and we wish to acknowledge the professionalism of pilots and flight attendants of our ", concluded by the Frontier.

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