Sunday , April 2 2023

The end of & # 39; many influencers? Instagram will delete million & # 39; fake bills



Those "influential" which reached the top success & # 39; Instagram by influencing their account with & # 39; fake followers, can now say goodbye to the moment & # 39; their glory: the application announced this week began eliminating "I like you", comments and artificial users, purchased from "Instagramers" adding with & # 39; cheating your cache.

In its institutional blog, social network explained that recently noted that some profiles using apps & # 39; a third party to "add b & # 39; artificial way their audience". These "influencers" to pay fees to foreign companies in exchange for more "followers" and "I like you", with & # 39; those who manage to shoot their Instagram and attract reputable brands and advertisers.

To work for "authentic" platform, application announced devised by tools that & # 39; & # 39 tracks; automatic learning and eliminate "likes", comments and followers achieved with & # 39; dishonest way, pay and subscribe to services & # 39; third parties.

As detailed, the tool developed was launched at the beginning of & # 39; this week. Users receive a message captured by the system which they are notified of messages and followers to cancel all the accounts and their publications. It will also be required to disable the service to use to increase their reputation in app.

F & # 39; this era in which thousands of & # 39; "influential" from around the world made their presence on Instagram profession, many are those who wanted to join in & # 39; this trend and earn money by sharing the style & # 39; life and their routines.

To achieve this, they get their bills growing b & # 39; artificial way by buying their followers and companies & # 39; letting through & # 39; "Robots", mechanized automated computer programs to publish comments which plan their photos, "their looks", and their tastes, his enviable life

B & # 39; this way, mislead companies and advertisers to trust the apparent fame & # 39; "influent" fake, and pay them to advertise their products, send gifts or invite them to be part of events them.

To stop this kind of & # 39; fraud, and through the official statement, Instagram clarification accounts using these services to see how their impact is reduced, to drastically reduce the number of & # 39; their followers.

Instagram, in the middle of controversy

The social network measure comes after its parent company, Facebook, faced severe criticism for the presence of & # 39; trolls, false news and precarious and inaccurate information on its platform.

In recent months, Facebook has endeavored to promote measures to make users feel confident about the site. These initiatives were extended to Instagram, which in early 2018 developed a tool to identify cases & # 39; bullying on the platform. It also depicting a new system to identify the authenticity of profiles & # 39; celebrities and public figures.

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