Thursday , June 30 2022

The evidence contradicts the allegation against Mica Fernández live Laurita Viciconte


On Tuesday in Showmatch track, Mica Viciconte was a surprise to ask certain gift and described theory on data & # 39; deadline a & # 39; some participants of Dancing.

"When starting out melankoniċi and talk about what they will lose, that when they leave"Launched girlfriend & # 39; Poroto Cubero.

"It is a pitty, the numerologu"Marcelo Tinelli said jokingly. Everything was in comedy with & # 39; Soledad Fandiño and Esmeralda Miter with forecasts, when Laurita Fernández increased the microphone.

"She once said that we were leaving and left. We are staying"The jury has launched reaction of the gallery.

But in a preview of the show, the panelist Lizardo Ponce He added the file to deny what the jury was highlighted by & # 39; focus.

"It was last year and there were six couples who stayed in the game. Here at La previa I asked Mica was going to leave and never mentioned Laurita Fernández."For me, Piquín, or Sol Flor Pérez will Vigna & # 39 ;, said Mica."React to Ponce.

Before the tests, Simply stop.

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