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The fever of the red planet: the probe Insight and most mission & # 39; & # 39 success in; Mars


(ANSA) – The spacecraft Insight NASA today opened its solar panels, which led to the absolute success & # 39; landing & # 39; the ground equipment Mars, Even with carriage & # 39; his first "selfie". After worldwide, from personal computers, home to the giant screen & # 39; Time Square, direct transmission on the Internet landing & # 39; Insight eye on Mars decided to raise the red planet fever, months

The enthusiasm for space & # 39; half a century ago it was embedded, midway between science fiction and desire to open new frontiers in space exploration. On Thursday, in New York, the home of & # 39; Sotheby preparing to auctioning three fragments & # 39; Lunar rocks brought to Earth by the Apollo missions, the space dream is assisted by projects & # 39; future missions to bring the man back to the moon with a view & # 39; "jumps" and then on Mars.

The possibility of a human & # 39; & # 39 might some day; go on another planet and even build the columns captures the imagination. Meanwhile, after the movie "The Martian", the red planet is returning to science fiction legend. The difference, compared to 50 years, is that everything is absolutely real now.

It is, for example, that with the arrival of & # 39; Insight, there are three vehicles working simultaneously on the surface of & # 39; Mars, and sending data to Earth. In addition to the recent spacecraft, rovers are of & # 39; Opportunity and Curiosity, both from NASA. such combination occurred only briefly in 2008, when Opportunity explored the Martian soil along with & # 39; Spirit "her brother", which stopped functioning in 2010 and Phoenix, which interrupted contacts with & # 39; In World & # 39; November 2008. Then there eight vehicles in Martian orbit assets, including two mini satellites accompanied Insight on Mars.

F & # 39; this scenario, the spacecraft has just arrived on the Martian soil is controlling all its subsystems, f & # 39; type & # 39; high-tech control and soon begin to "look around "with their cameras. The pictures will be sent to Earth will help to identify the optimal points put the Sismgraph and probe thermometers will measure the temperature of the planet to a depth of & # 39; five meters .

"Although Insight can & # 39; study the party & # 39; under the surface & # 39; Mars from a geological point of view, and will not be able to & # 39; identify the possible presence of & # 39; trace Life, a better understanding of its subsoil and b & # 39; in particular the heat transport can & # 39; to provide important information about its habitabilità "astrobiloga Daniela Whereas, from the University & # 39; Rome Tor Vergata . "This is relevant in view of evidence of the presence of & # 39; salt lake beneath the surface, so the concentration of & # 39; required salinity to maintain water in a liquid state depending on the temperature ", probably referring to a large lake & # 39; liquid water discovered in & # 39; last July under the South Pole Ice & # 39; Mars. This information, added, you & # 39; help better define what forms of life could have arisen, and perhaps persist, f & # 39; like environment.

Meanwhile, the instrument Italian Larri (Laser Retro Reflector for Insight), developed by the National Nuclear Physics Institute (INFN) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), will become the first of the three laser reflectors will working on Mars mission with the European arrival.

"Together will become points & # 39; reference for landing & # 39; future missions," said the person in charge of Human Flight to SIA, Gabriele Mascetti. At the same time, the laser reflectors & # 39; & # Larri will be 39 tools; extraordinary research to study the fundamental physics, first relativity.

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