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The Filipino plagiarized in vendimia talk with & # 39; Los Andes and said he copied more jobs


The – visual image – The National Harvest Festival 2019 is wrapped in & # 39; a after discovering apparent plagiarism scandal. Apparently, the design authors, who are also entitled $ 120,000, They were "inspired" in creating & # 39; a Filipino called John Ed De Vera (@battery_full), Found himself about what happened and talk about The Andes.

John said that he found out & # 39; & # happened from cataract of 39, messages and comments received in its profile Instagram (Has more than 110,000 followers), Since many Mendocasians pointed out the remarkable similarity between their work and presented yesterday by the Commission Ministry of Culture. The Hah situation by surprise, either because of the language barrier and because of the strange events that had him as protagonist.

John Ed De Vera, the Filipino who denounced plagiarism and learn about the controversial harvesting of grapes on social networks.

"I'm really sad because something like this has happened. As creators and designers, we are inspired by other things and it is good to be inspired by the work of & # 39; other people because it learn ", said John.

"But it is a competition. The organizers were supposed to seek primary visual image and identity to better define the Fiesta. The creators were able to show a different image using the card, "said the artist, who was disappointed by the missed opportunity.

"To clarify, the creators did not ask permission to use my work as a reference", condemned, and denounced: "Obviously, the image of the woman on the poster looks directly as one of the nymphs paper we have created over a year ago. "

On the left, the original creation of the Filipino designer. On the right, the visual image vendimia 2019.

The Filipino designer, also worked on sketches & # 39; Black Panther (Marvel) and what It usually divides his creations Instagram, not only kkopjaw said that the figure of women poster, but that & # 39; marathon. Both images were made nearly two years ago and the explanation of the technique used is the same.

As seen in the pictures, the nymph is identical to the poster Harvest 2019. In addition, the crown of the poster of the marathon is very similar, as well as some details that adorn the animated corridor.

The artwork of the maximum celebration of Mendocino was presented yesterday by the Culture Secretariat. Under the pseudonym "Papercraft" publisher and two designers (Pablo Miguel Morales, Daniel Federico Bordoni Juan Pablo Encina) were the winners of the competition, although they are now involved in & # 39; big proversja.

One controversy creations

"We try to do something that has not been seen before and everyone likes (possible & # 39; be), because everyone is vendimia. We use the papercraft technique, consisting & # 39; & # 39 cuts, cuts and one immuntarhom other to generate 3D effect. We made it by hand, and only because the harvest is manual activity, "said paradoxically hours before being accused of plagiarism.

The Filipino ensure that the people & # 39; Mendoza was "inspired" f & # 39; two of his creations. Not only nymph, but also the crown and ornaments & # 39; another poster.

"It is unfair to the creative (trying hard) steal their work and, what is worse, benefit from it ", added the Filipino speech that had not & # 39; this newspaper.

After – agitation, which included teasing, complaints and memes in & # 39; equal doses on – social networks, – Internet Ministry of Culture he met & # 39; to the jury this morning to define x & # 39; will happen with posters version and those responsible for the much discussed plagiarism.

F & # 39; this occasion, the judges are Gaillez Carolina Clavijo, the Ministry of Culture; Celia Iannizzotto, the School & # 39; Art and Design & # 39; UNCuyo; Verónica Míguez, representing the University & # 39; Champagnat; Eduardo García, the Universitas Foundation; Federico Ontanilla, the University & # 39; Aconcagua; Susana Simmons, a member of & # 39; the Gutemberg Institute; Susana Cabrera, by the Designers Association & # 39; Mendoza (Adimza), and María Julia Posada f & # 39; name the winning artistic team for stage production, scripts and staging of the National Harvest Festival 2019.

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