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The first day of Alfaro Age: start the 2019 model & # 39; Boca – 01/02/2019


F & # 39; 56, Gustavo Alfaro will begin the most important challenge in his career as a coach. Boca is jistennieh, the urgency & # 39; that Argentina football giant huge goals to follow and does not rely on its voracity with & # 39; Local bicampeonato and second step & # 39; America. It will be presented tomorrow at & # 39; Casa Amarilla with his collaborators and Thursday will start of his round in the head & # 39; school, perhaps the richest in the hierarchy that he will have manage. Alfaro will meet & # 39; to & # 39; wardrobe which there is heavy surnames and to analyze to perform semester will include final (the Supercup Argentina against Rosario Central), the Superliga (is 12 unit & # 39; Racing with & # 39; two games less)) and the first phase expected to Copa Libertadores, that escaped at the end of 2018.

Uncertainty about the possible sale (Nandez still disagreed with his contract situation and a survey from Europe by Barrios, Pavón and youth ALMENDRAS and Balerdi) and without speed for reinforcements, called DT days coexistence with diagnosis group places where people are missing. Does & # 39; Nicolás Burdisso already talked last week. They clashed in the search for substitutes for starting & # 39; Magallán and Cardona. What is sought to strengthen will be for later.

The technical staff & # 39; Alfaro will be integrated by Carlos González, assistant spot to him sharing his start as a coach in & # 39; Atlético de Rafaela; Sergio Chiarelli, the physical trainer that in the last days of & # 39; December visited the club facilities and also those & # 39; CARDALE, which will perform the preseason; and Claudio Cristofanelli, another employee that it will be every day. sound goals and short steps. low profile, & # 39; away from controversy and seriously convinced that the manager, the day will mark the pulse of & # 39; Alfaro: first coach in club history without Daniel angelic chosen in the seventh & # 39; his years as president. He previously chose Carlos Bianchi, Rodolfo Arruabarrena and Guillermo Barros Schelotto. The challenge, then, will be two-fold: to win to surf that heavy wave & # 39; pressure exists in & # 39; Boca and make no antecedent in blue and yellow to serve & # 39 ; rescue. DT assumed risk.

The first step will be to always dream: to travel for the first time the Bombonera is a local, DT diversity owner. Then comes the most complex: put on a new idea work and oil in the short term (calendar marks debut in 12 days) to the machinery & # 39; Boca onset. The Alfaro Era begins. After the coup & # 39; status & # 39; Madrid, the illusion again & # 39; start. Boca will try again.

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