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The Government authorizes Flybondi to have a single union in the company – 01/07/2019


With the intention to reduce the fire power to the six traditional organizations of the aeronautical sector, the Ministry of Production and Labor made official in the Official Gazette creating & # 39; 'Association & # 39 , the Workers' Union of Line & # 39; Flybondi ". In other words, theindicated by the company and not by the activity, something unprecedented in the country. It will take Fernando Grains, pilot & # 39; this company, and presented all legal stationery.

The play, which was advanced by Klar December, is hit clear to UALA unions and APLA (Pilots); the Association of Operators of the Argentinean aircraft for cabin crew. And also APA, which combines administrative staff, and APTA, from technicians; UPSA, by senior staff. These six purchases staged in the last months of 2018 were flat against arrests Airlines, Austral, Latam, the Andes and Avianca They left dozens of & # 39; & # 39 thousands; stranded passengers.

Does & # 39; this advance is active repetition of & # 39; this type of & # 39; army union by the company in two other low-cost companies based in the country: Norwegian and Jet Smart; The latter company also Monday it on the Government of route 261 & # 39; air (see below). And in & # 39; those who want to stay, of course.

employers Flybondi 550 workers, Has 8% of the national air market b & # 39; 21 routes operating by five aircraft. Out of & # 39; these staff, there are only 15 unionized workers: 5 to 10 for pilots and airmen.

For now, the Government simple personality, Previous step for the trade union status. Type of registration granted to a brand new association enables Such new guild to represent all workers; but not to negotiate or establish parity collective labor agreements. At the same time, he was authorized to act in the territory of Argentina "except in the City & # 39; Buenos Aires". Remember that low cost operating from El Palomar and second base located at & # 39; Cordoba, a city which was founded this union.

Date: Let's change the management granted only in three years of government less than 10 simple personality while the former Minister of Labor K, Carlos Tomada, was about 1,000 as a tool for atomization of power to traditional unions.

The secretary general of some of the existing union commented to this newspaper prior to the news: legal framework for prekarizzazzjoni, work and security, t it considered that "it is right so we can not do anything and we understand that the next step will be to give legal status before deliver legal action but in & # 39; that when we fight because the law is clear and imposing unions by activity and not by the company, so we want to see if they can change the law. "

This newspaper also wished to know x & # 39; can & # 39; happens at the time of the joint agreement: "The wage agreements are validated by the facts between the company and the union and approval from Labor is re-assurance. " they are breaking the law, "said the same leader.

Finally, in the articles of Resolution 4/2019, the founders of the Association are encouraged to present the Statute f & # 39; less than 10 days and to "regularize their institutional situation and call elections to the Board of Directors ", a decision that will take place during this year

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